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Monday, January 24, 2011

Rockie Trading Post #2 - Special Guest Colbey from Cardboard Collections

Welcome to the second episode of the Rockie Trading Post.  Will it live up to the first post?  Actually, in some ways it surpasses it.  Tonight's special guest is Colbey from Cardboard Collections.  You might remember him from a recent group break post.  Colbey collects Atlanta Braves, Carolina Panthers, and Charlotte Bobcats cards along with several player collections.  I traded him an Ichiro All Star jersey manu-patch along with some Braves.  In return I got a lot of Rockies.  Here are some of my favorites.

This card was the prize of this trade for me.  At first glance it just appears to be a random Todd Helton jersey card, which it is.  But this is my first full purple jersey, so to me it is now priceless.

Andres Galarraga 1996 Topps Laser.  I have mentioned before that I missed the die cut madness that was the late 90s, so I still like them.

A couple of Rockies inserts featuring the star of 2000s and the star of the 2010s (hopefully).  I really like the RBI Kings set and may eventually try to build that whole set.

Two former Rockies that I personally rooted for.  Clint Barmes was traded to Houston this offseason and I hope he does very well in all non-Rockies games.

Here we have two Rockies from the 42,384 card set (actually 1,250) that was 2006 Upper Deck.  Shealy really looks confused and/or angry there.  I can't tell who the catcher is other than the #21.  Any ideas?

Thanks again Colbey for the trade and make sure to check out his blog here.  Yours cards are currently en route if you haven't gotten them already.  I didn't have your address until my package arrived.  I'm sure you be joining the Rockie Trading Post again a future date.  Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of The Rockie Trading Post.

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