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Sunday, January 30, 2011

RTP #4 - Special Guest Mike from BABenny's Baseball Card Buffet

Welcome to episode #4 of The Rockie Trading Post.  Today's special guest is Mike from BABenny's Baseball Card Buffet (try saying that five times fast).  Most of you know Mike, but if you don't allow me to introduce him.  He collects Mets, Yankees, Jets, Giants (football), and Saints and several player collections.  Give him a buzz, he is really easy to trade with, plus you might get rid of some hated Yankee cards like I did.  I sent him several cards for both the Yankees and Mets along with a surprise.  Here are the highlights of what he sent me.

 First off is the two serial numbered cards he sent.  The Spilly is a 2008 Topps gold which brings me up to 3 Rockies for that set.  The Barmes is the key here.  It is a 2004 Skybox LE Gold Proof Clint Barmes /150.  I love trading to send away several Yankees that I never looked at after opening the pack to get this beauty.  Ain't life grand!

 Next up is some 2010 releases.  Hopefully Nelson fulfills some of his promise this year, he was the Rockies first rounder in 2004.  Why did Topps put the entire team name on the 2010 base set?  Did they think people wouldn't know who the Rockies were without the Colorado?  Ugh.

 Here we have an absolutely beautiful 2003 Finest Jason Jennings.  It is my first 2003 Finest, but if other teams look as good as the Colorado purple I may have to build this whole set.

Yet another great looking set that I may have to think about.  2009 Upper Deck Icons of Atkins and Tulowitzki.  I wonder if I will still be blogging in 2021 when his contract is up.

 Finally, we come to two first round picks of the 1990s.  You try to figure out which one was the better pick.  You have 30 seconds (cue: Final Jeopardy music).  This is my first 2006 Opening Day card.  Were they all blue foil or is this a parallel?

Thanks again Mike for the trade.  I hope you visit the Rockie Trading Post again very soon with a certain Razor Letterman card you picked up yesterday, but no pressure :) .  Make sure you check out his Buffet here as well as his Pack Rip Cafe, which is a great read.  That's it for this exciting episode of The Rockie Trading Post.  Make sure you tune in next time when I will be featuring among other things 1988 Donruss.  (OK the set sucked but please come anyway).


Justin McLeod said...

All of the 06 Opening Day cards are blue foil. The parallels are red foil. And, some more cards from the set will be coming your way soon.

hiflew said...

Sounds good, thanx for the info. If I'm not mistaken the whole Rockies team set is like 4 cards in 2006 Opening Day.