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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #25 New York Yankees Part 2





My Top 5 Yankees Cards
1. Dean Anna (purple)
2. Martin Prado (purple)
3. Eury Perez (blue)
4. Derek Jeter (red)
5. Masahiro Tanaka (purple)

The Yankees didn't really have a lot going on this year.  I think the problem is the same one that plagues the White Sox.  Black and white uniforms don't really work very well on colored backgrounds.  That being said the Dean Anna is the best of a mediocre lot by far.  Actually most of the Opening Day Yankees have a photo like that one, but I chose Anna because he didn't have any other photos.  The Prado is a decent fielding photo.  I like the fact that he is leaning back to catch the ball.  The Perez is another favorite, but I do feel bad that the guy has a forgettable moment captured on film.  I usually go out of my way to avoid depicting moment when players look really bad, but Perez only had three photos available.  One didn't fit the design and the other two were different angles of this shot.  Oh well, it is still a good looking photo.  The final two were just hard to pick because there were just very few memorable cards here.  I had to pick the Jeter because I would be banned by MLB from talking about baseball anymore if I didn't at least mention him.  That being said, it is a pretty good "walking away" shot.  I don't hate Jeter, but he was way too overexposed in 2014.  Finally, I went with the Tanaka simply because it shows his unconventional wind up.  The Yankees are definitely in the running for most boring team set this year. 

Coming tomorrow - #26 Chicago Cubs

Thanx for reading.


Anonymous said...

I like that Jeter!

Zippy Zappy said...

This just in, the Yankees just scooped up another ex-Rockie, Chris Martin.