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Monday, January 21, 2013

2012 Quarry Unlimited - The Grand Finale

Well here we are at the end.  Thank those of you that voted for your favorites from the 2012 Quarry Unlimited set.  After all the votes were tallied I found the top 10 (12 including ties).  I will be showing them in this post in just a bit.  Before that, I would like to thank all of you for reading through my gibberish and looking at my cards.  Right now money is beyond tight, so custom cards are about the only way I have been able to stay in the hobby.  I'm sure some of my readers have been afflicted with financial woes as well, so maybe my customs helped you sustain your hobby as well.

I have been asked by several people if there was going to be a 2013 Quarry Unlimited set.  The answer to that is yes, I am planning on it.  I have the time right now, so I am working on templates and if I get those done while I have time then I will definitely get a 2013 set completed.  The set I am basing my 2013 design on is another Topps set that is in my all time top 10, 1977 Topps.  It will not be an exact reproduction and I am planning a couple of changes (no facsimile signatures, no 2nd border around the photo), but not many.  You will still recognize the original influence.  I have one team nearly finished and I figured I would show it off after the best of 2012.  However that is about nine months away.  For now, let's take a look at the 12 best cards from the 2012 Quarry Unlimited set in the order of your votes.

 3 votes

4 votes

5 votes

6 votes

7 votes


Cool, that's the first thing the Mets have won in years.  I am beginning to understand why it is so hard to get people into the Hall of Fame, because only one of those cards was agreed upon by 75% of the 12 voters.  I think you guys made great choices and I hope you enjoyed this set.

Here is an unfinished template for the 2013 Quarry Unlimited set.

Thanx for reading.


Jim said...

Awesome. Once again - great job on this!

Can't wait for Quarry Unlimited 2013.

Nick said...

These have been among my favorite posts to read in the last few months. You really knocked it out of the park with this project.

Thank you for taking the time to create and post these!

Looking forward to seeing the 2013 "Quarry Unlimited" set!

night owl said...


Rod (Padrographs) said...

I made backs to go with your Padres fronts. I would like to send them to the players who didn't have cards last year. I would like permission to do that if it is alright with you. THanks.

Marcus said...

I just read Dimebox Nick's post about not getting a lot of views or comments on particular posts, and it reminded me of your "Cards From the Quarry" series. It's a crying shame that it wasn't the sensation of the blogosphere, I thought it was totally awesome and worthy of more comments than I ever saw it get. Hope you're coin well.

Marcus said...

*doin well