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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #26 San Diego Padres Part 1

Consistency is an important thing for any sports franchise, not just consistently winning but consistency as a product.  That brings us to the #26 team on my countdown the San Diego Padres.  The biggest problem I have always had with the Padres is a lack of consistency.  When they started out their colors were (infamously) mustard and brown and, although they looked horrible at times, they owned those colors.  Then the 80's rolled around and the mustard got scaled back for a brown and orange look that lasted until the early 1990's.  At that point, blue came out of nowhere to be the lead color and the Padres looked like an expansion team.  Every 5-7 years since the Padres have drastically changed their uniforms, now including desert camouflage which is possibly the worst looking baseball uniform of all time.  So 43 years into their existence, in my mind, the Padres remain a team without an identity and without consistency.

If I were a Padres fan...

Title of the blog - Daddy Issues

Favorite Player (current) - Huston Street

Favorite Player (all time) - Fred McGriff (I used him for the Rays too, but I really needed help here)

Least Favorite Player (current) - Yasmani Grandal

Least Favorite Player (all time) - Adrian Gonzalez

2012 San Diego Padres Total Cards = 54

The Padres are also the final color change that I made in this year's set.  To me, the dark blue doesn't really look right, but it looked better than the original gold.  Since the Padres eliminated yellow from their color scheme I felt the change was necessary and I didn't want to camouflage the letters.  Here is what the Pads originally looked like in 1986 Topps.

Like I said, neither really looked right, but no other team was gold, so I went with the dark blue.

The Padres also bring us the 11th man that also appeared in 1986 Topps, manager Bud Black.  Black was a serviceable starter at the back end of a very strong Kansas City Royals rotation that had just won stolen the World Series.  Here is his side-by-side to compare his young facial hair to his older clean-shaven look.

Thanx for reading.

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Rosenort said...

Great choice of photo for John Baker, an instant classic.