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Monday, April 11, 2011

Rockies Week in Review #1

Since the baseball season has started and Mondays are usually a slow day here at the Quarry, I thought why not start a new feature called the Rockie Week in Review.  This first week will actually be an Opening Day - April 10th edition.  This is a work in progress, so read along if you are interested as we work out the bugs together.

Record for the Week
6-2  1st place NL West

A great start to the season with the only two losses coming in extra innings.  Taking 1 of 2 from the D-Backs (one ppd. due to snow) and a quick 2 game sweep of the Dodgers is a good beginning vs. NL West foes.  Game 1 vs. the Dodgers was an especially big win since it was against Clayton Kershaw and he has killed Colorado since he debuted.  They finished out the week by taking 3 of 4 in Pittsburgh.  The Pirates might be tough this year, they were capable of winning each of those games.  This season will probably be trying in Pittsburgh again, but if this team stays together and learns how to win the close ones...look out next year.

Most Valuable Rockies Batter of the Week
Jose Lopez

Tulo hit more homers, but hit less than .200.  Cargo hit .333 but went 0-7 in the 14 inning loss to the Pirates.  I chose Lopez over fellow new arrival Ty Wigginton because it was an unexpected good start.  Lopez is being seriously challenged at second by Jonathan Herrera and third is muddled with Wiggy and Stewart, so I expected Lopez to platoon at best.  The Rox won two games because of his bat and that makes him worthy of the first MVB of the season.

Least Valuable Rockies Batter of the Week
Ian Stewart

Over the offseason one of the most popular Rockies trade rumor was Stewart going to the White Sox for Gavin Floyd and a prospect.  I hated the idea then, but now I wish they had pulled the trigger.  Stewart was injured for most of Spring Training, so he deserves a little bit of a pass, but he is still waiting for his first hit of the season.  Plus he was inserted in one game as a pinch runner and was promptly caught stealing.  Just a bad week.

Most Valuable Rockies Pitcher of the Week
Jhoulys Chacin

Two starts, two victories.  You can't ask for much more than that.  If Chacin is available in your fantasy league, pick him up now.  He will win at least 15 this year with a 3.50 ERA or so and become a very reliable #2/#3 starter.

Least Valuable Rockies Pitcher of the Week
Matt Reynolds

It was a toss up between Reynolds and Franklin Morales for this "honor."  I chose Reynolds because he was the specific cause of the loss to the D-Backs on Opening Day with a wild pitch in the 11th inning that allowed the winning run to score.  I have a feeling this spot will be occupied by Rockie relievers for much of the year, because Jim Tracy always pulls the starters an inning too early. 

Biggest Rockies Blunder
Jim Tracy being fooled by former Rockies manager Clint Hurdle

Oh the humanity!  If you haven't heard about this one, it was a brilliant maneuver by Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle that should not have worked.  It was the bottom of the 14th inning with leadoff man Jose Tabata at the plate and a runner on first and two outs.  After a few double switches, the pitcher's spot was on deck with no more Pirates pinch hitters available.  Hurdle sent Andrew McCutchen to the on deck circle even though he was due up after the pitcher.  Tracy fell for it and did not walk Tabata.  Boom, Tabata hits a walk off double...game over.  The really ironic thing about this is that Hurdle was the manager of the Rockies that Jim Tracy replaced.

Biggest Need
A new manicurist for Ubaldo Jimenez

Ubaldo got shelled on Opening Day, but there was a reason.  He had a cut cuticle on his pitching hand.  Now I am not going to make too much fun of this injury, because it hurts when I type with a small cut on my finger let alone throwing 100+ pitches at nearly 100 MPH.  He was altering his motion a bit to avoid the cut and that can lead to significant injuries.  I applaud the Rockies for DLing him this early in the season rather than risking a major catastrophic injury from an altered motion.

Next on the Horizon
4 games @ Mets and 3 games vs. Cubs

I am hoping for a 5-2 week, but 4-3 is more likely.  Let's go Rox and see you next week.

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