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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The First Group Break Announcement Here at the Quarry

I was planning on announcing the 3rd edition of The Budget eBay Collector today.  It has been postponed (not canceled I will be doing it in June) due to a better idea.  I have decided to do the first ever group break here at the Quarry in May.  As I have stated, I love them and I think we could have a fun and inexpensive one here.  If this works well, for me and for you, it might become a monthly or bi-monthly event.

One slight problem, I have no video capability currently (and for the foreseeable future), so all breaks will be purely text and scans.  I will type every single player and team that is pulled from a pack regardless of whether that team was purchased.  If you have read my Sunday Afternoon Blaster series you know my set up by now.  This will be the same set up.

What I plan to break

1998 Bowman Series 1 - 24 packs, 10 cards per...key rookies of Troy Glaus, Mike Lowell, Jimmy Rollins, Magglio Ordonez, Orlando Hernandez (autos possible but not probable), several inserts and parallels

1998 Bowman Series 2 - 24 packs, 10 cards per...key rookies of Carlos Lee, Cristian Guzman, Randy Wolf + a majority of the stars (autos possible, again not probable), several inserts and parallels

2003 Topps Bazooka - 24 packs, 8 cards per...key rookie of Kevin Youkilis, two parallels per pack, three guaranteed HITS per box (and they look cool).

2004 Topps Bazooka - 24 packs, 8 cards per...key rookies of Dioner Navarro, Yadier Molina, two parallels per pack, three guaranteed HITS per box, several fun inserts per box

What will it cost
It is looking like $11 per team...$9 for each additional team.  I will not keep any excess money and will add bonus packs (at least, possibly another box) if enough teams are sold.  So any advertising on your site to increase my buys will get you more cards in the big picture.  Pay via Paypal (gift ONLY PLEASE) to cardsfromthequarryATyahooDOTcom.  I set up the new account just for group breaks, so that way I will know exactly how much is left to purchase more cards.

What is Available

Yankees - BABenny (pd)
Red Sox - Dawgbones (pd)
Orioles - Ryan H. (pd)
Blue Jays  - moremonkeys183 (pd)
Rays -

Indians - Jason (pd)
Royals -
Twins - Play at the Plate (pd)
Tigers -
White Sox - Darren (pd)

Athletics - Nathan (pd)
Rangers - Playattheplate (pd)
Angels - The Angels in Order (pd)
Mariners -

Braves - Colbey (pd)
Mets - BABenny (pd)
Phillies - Dawgbones (pd)
Nationals/Expos -
Marlins -

Reds - Darren (pd)
Astros -
Cardinals - Ryan G. (pd)
Brewers - cynicalbuddha (pd)
Cubs - Matt Pederson (pd)
Pirates -

Rockies - hiflew (host)
Dodgers - Spiegel (pd)
Giants - Ryan G. (pd)
Padres - Jon from Community Gum (pd)
Diamondbacks -

I hope this is a successful break because I would love to do some type of break at least bi-monthly.


Spiegel83 said...

Hey Johnny!!! Nice, you got a group break going. I'll take the Dodgers. Thanks!

flywheels said...

Love the box choices. The Rockies are yours in my next group break.

Nathan said...

I'll take the A's

BA Benny said...

Mets and Yankees for me please. I like the choices as well, probably because I don't have much from those sets.

Matt Pederson said...

I'll take the Cubs. looking forward to this.

Matt Pederson said...

Payment sent.

Dawgbones said...

All righty then, since BA took the Yankmees, Let's try the Phillies and Red Sox this time. Thanks

Dawgbones said...

$$ $ent as well. Thanks again.

Jason said...

Nice picks for a break. I'd like the Indians please. I'll send payment tomorrow, thanks.

Ryan G said...

I don't know why I'm doing this - I have more '03 and '04 Bazooka than I could ever want - but I'll go for the Cardinals and Giants. I do need some '98 Bowman! And Bazooka's always fun. Payment on the way.