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Monday, April 11, 2011

Quarry Contest Hint #3

No one got it correct on the 2nd try either, so let's try a new clue (I like that word better than hint).  I might have to start making the clues a bit easier because I am running out of song title with the word follow in them.  Hehe.

Eligible for two guesses
Greg Zakwin
Ryan G
The Lost Collector

CLUE #1 This set contains less than 100 cards total.

CLUE #2 The year the set was made begins with a 19.

CLUE #3 This set was made by Topps, but not named Topps.

That should eliminate a lot of guesses for you guys.  Guesses are now reset for the day.  Good luck to you all.


Spiegel83 said...

1994 Stadium Club Members Only

Ryan G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan G said...

I'm going to push the rewind button and stop in 1995, with Topps D3. I think I might be better with this than my uninspired deleted comment above.

Ryan G said...

And yes, I realize I put Topps in the title. But the set was released as "Dimension 3" or something to that tune. So I'm not entirely retarded, I don't think. I did have a Jack & Vanilla Coke though...(don't ask about the vanilla, but surprisingly good)

Dawgbones said...

1991 Toy's 'R' Us ROOKIES

The Lost Collector said...

1989 Bowman Reprint

Eric L said...

1990 Bazooka

**Incidentally, my word verification word was "Kirlycar" which will be the name of my next garage band. **