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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RTP #32 - Special Guest Ted from Crinkly Wrappers

Welcome to the latest edition of The Rockie Trading Post.  Tonight's special guest is another first time guest, Ted from Crinkly Wrappers.  Ted is an avid Blue Jays collector and an all around great guy.  I sent Ted a stack of Blue Jay inserts and parallels along with the final card he needed for his base 2009 UD Icons set (Dan Uggla).  In return, Ted was VERY generous with me.  Here are the highlights.

Let's start with the hit.  This is a 2004 Donruss Throwback Threads Mike Hampton jersey #'d to 250.  Of course was one of the most expensive mistakes in Rockies history, but I didn't (and still don't) not like him.  Gotta love triple negatives.  I like that the pinstripe has a bit of a slope to it, gives it character.

Our Todd Helton card of the Day is one that I was shocked I didn't have.  This is the 2010 version of Toppstown.  I bought one box of Series 1 in 2010, but nothing else because of financial concerns.  I think I will pop on a box of Series 2 and U&H and put that set together this year.  Prices seem reasonable now.

Here are a pair of 1995 Topps that I needed.  As great as the design is on the base set, I don't like it because it reminds me of the stupid strike in 1994-95.  In case I haven't told this story before, I turned 18 in October of 1994 and my big present was going to be World Series tickets no matter where they were.  Obviously that didn't happen and I avoided baseball like the plague up until the McGwire/Sosa home run derby in 1998.  I have forgiven the game for this lost moment of my youth, but I don't think I will ever forget it.  I hope football doesn't turn a generation of fans off this year.

Back to frivolity, and what better way than with some pretty cool mascots.  I think I have done a disservice to the Tigers here because as cool as Paws is, he is no match for the best mascot in the game.  I love the Pirate Parrot and it matches the team perfectly, unlike a certain Dinosaur in Denver.

Moving to a Jose Reyes blue parallel from Opening Day.  It seems like Reyes has really fallen far.  When I got back into the hobby, his cards were relatively expensive but now they are approaching semi-star status (say that three times fast).  The second card is one of two George W. Bush cards in the Presidential First Pitch insert set.  I don't understand why they made two cards for Bush and Obama and yet left out many Presidents that could've filled those slots with left out men like Clinton, Bush Sr., Ford, or Ike.

Two Texas stars from the Opening Day Toppstown set.  I haven't got a bad thing to say about either of these players other than I wish they were Rockies (especially Kinsler).  Can you imagine a Tulo-Kinsler double play combo for the next decade?  I know I can and will probably have to because there is no way Texas will let him go.

Ted helped me out a lot with my Icons set bringing my total number needed down below 10 for the base set.  I have been working on a set want list for a little bit and I hope to get one posted within a week or two.  Those things take forever to put together.  I really wish I had been better prepared before I started the blog, but I am almost caught up with wantlists and can get back to concentrating on providing quality, inexpensive entertainment to my millions of readers (well 50 or so if I am lucky).

Thanks again Ted for the trade and we are currently working on our next trade as well.  Make sure you check out his blog here because Ted has some real nice stuff on there.  Well that just about wraps up this edition of The Rockie Trading Post.  Tune in next time for another trade with a fellow rock collector.  Until then, we are officially signed off.

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