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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday's Afternoon Blaster - 2009 Upper Deck O Pee Chee

Welcome to this week's Sunday Afternoon Blaster.  After last week breaking my streak of Upper Deck discount blasters, I felt it was time to start a new streak.  This week's offering is one of the final discount baseball blasters at my local Wal Mart that I haven't featured yet.  I am thoroughly confused by this set, not by the appearance or even its reason for being produced.  What confuses me is, do i want to collect it?  Well, as we go through the blaster hopefully I will be able to make my decision.   I have a majority of the base Rockies from this set (11/18), so the goal will be to get 1-2 black borders and hopefully a couple of the Rox I don't have.  Well that and making my decision on collecting it.

Card coloration is it's availability

white = I'm keeping it
green = available for trade
red = already claimed/traded

But wait the wrapper is not all.  One of the best things about this blaster is the return of cards on the box.  How very 80's.  Two base cards (plain white backs) on the side of the blaster for cutting out.  How great is that?

Today's blaster is 2009 Upper Deck O Pee Chee.  15! 6 card packs (1 black border per), nothing guaranteed.

On with the show.

pack one
42 Willy Aybar - Rays
9 John Grabow - Pirates
75 Chase Utley black border - Phillies
NY-23 Ryan Church New York, New York insert - Mets
530 Rangers Team Checklist - Rangers

pack two
21 Cla Meredith - Padres
190 David Wright - Mets
164 Dan Haren black border - Diamondbacks
UD 20th Retro 1146 Jesse “The Body” Ventura - Governor of Minnesota
564 Josh Outman - Athletics
246 Ramon Hernandez - Reds

pack three
473 Dioner Navarro - Rays
FF1 Vladimir Guerrero Face of the Franchise - Angels
324 Chris Coste black border - Phillies
523 Rockies team checklist - Rockies
16 Gary Matthews - Angels
12 Daniel Cabrera - Nationals

pack four
94 Stephen Drew - Diamondbacks
133 Cristian Guzman - Nationals
582 Casey McGehee black border - Brewers
537 AL ERA Leaders - Lee, Halladay, Dice-K
225 Johan Santana - Mets
194 Adam Jones - Orioles

pack five
226 Luke Hochevar - Royals
422 Bengie Molina - Giants
259 Joe Blanton - Phillies
130 Kerry Wood black border - Indians - Jon
579 David Freese - Cardinals
350 Joe Mauer - Twins

pack six
98 Jeremy Sowers - Indians
29 Jamie Moyer - Phillies
1 Melvin Mora - Orioles
25 Chien-Ming Wang black border - Yankees
551 Josh Hamilton/Aubrey Huff combo - Rangers logo only
314 Zach Miner - Tigers

pack seven
421 Peter Moylan - Braves
283 Ryan Shealy - Royals
AW1 Yadier Molina The Award Show - Cardinals
279 Lyle Overbay black border - Blue Jays
596 Dexter Fowler - Rockies
448 Eric Hinske - Pirates

pack eight
290 Carlos Delgado - Mets
197 Juan Rivera - Angels
484 Hunter Pence black border - Astros
516 Marlins team checklist - Marlins
86 Fausto Carmona - Indians
67 Khalil Greene - Cardinals

pack nine
221 Skip Schumaker - Cardinals
321 Manny Parra - Brewers
57 Bobby Crosby black border - Athletics
570 Landon Powell - Athletics
469 Chris Young - Diamondbacks
184 Miguel Montero - Diamondbacks

pack ten
450 Cliff Lee - Indians
490 Vladimir Guerrero - Angels
65 Alexei Ramirez - White Sox
521 Rays team checklist black border - Rays
509 Cardinals team checklist - Cardinals
286 Carlos Ruiz - Phillies

pack eleven
324 Chris Coste - Phillies
171 Carlos Pena - Rays
43 Edgar Gonzalez - Padres
FF2 Roy Oswalt Face of the Franchise - Astros
82 Mark Hendrickson black border - Orioles
558 Michael Young Moments - Rangers

pack twelve
57 Bobby Crosby - Athletics
373 Jesse Litsch - Blue Jays
152 Steven Shell black border - Nationals
541 AL Strikeout Leaders - Burnett, Santana, Halladay
151 Brad Hawpe - Rockies
362 Adam Everett - Tigers

pack thirteen
269 Jose Arredondo - Angels
449 Fred Lewis - Giants
13 Kyle Lohse black border - Cardinals
589 Walter Silva - Padres
409 Wily Mo Pena - Nationals
240 Randy Johnson - Giants

pack fourteen
255 Jeff Samardzija - Cubs
418 Justin Duchscherer black border - Athletics
UD 20th Retro 1151 Detroit Red Wings
506 Blue Jays team checklist - Blue Jays
173 Adrian Beltre - Mariners
116 Mike Jacobs - Royals

pack fifteen
180 Josh Beckett - Red Sox
112 Robinson Cano - Yankees
MM1 Ken Griffey Jr. Midsummer Memories - Mariners - Captain Canuck
269 Jose Arredondo black border - Angels
585 Mike Hinckley - Nationals
376 Kevin Kouzmanoff - Padres

Design: C+
The design of the set is very simple and yet it somehow works a bit.  It is very reminiscent to me of 1961 Topps (which I don't like) and 1976 Topps (which I do like).  This set fall somewhere in between those two, right about the middle of like and don't like.  I do like the fact that the cards are on cardboard stock, but not the thicker Heritage type cardboard.  More like a slightly thicker overproduction era Topps card.

Inserts / Hits: C+
I got four different inserts (not counting 20th Retro) to check out, along with the black borders.  Let's start with my favorite, The Face of the Franchise.  These cards are very nice and yet simple.  It is kind of odd that both faces of their franchises that I received were gone approximately one year later.  The Midsummer Memories is okay I guess, but I don't like the alternating two color header.  That was my biggest problem with 1960 Topps (and 2009 Heritage).  The Award Show really does nothing for me and has been done better elsewhere.  The New York, New York insert set is absolutely useless to me.  They are about as thick as jersey cards and feature Yankees and Mets players only.  It's nice to see teams that are often overlooked like the Yankees and Mets get their own insert set (Yes, this is sarcasm).

Value: B+
How can you complain about 15 packs of cards from 2009 for $12?  Well I mean, I have complained a bit, but none of it has to do with the price.  This would get an A+ with a guaranteed hit, but still pretty good anyway.

Rox in the Box: 3
Ugh.  No black borders, of which I have one.  And of the 3 Rockies I got, all were dupes.  This is a good time to complain about the coloring of the Rockies.  Why light blue?  I guess this is part of the throwback.  If the Rockies were around in the 1960-1970s, Topps would've probably used light blue or pink or something that had nothing to do with team colors.  Some teams had their colors matched nearly perfect (like the Astros and A's), while the Yanks got green and blue.  Very strange.

Will I Collect This Set: D
Well, after seeing it in person and with all the C+'s, I have decided to not pursue collecting this set.  I like it, but I don't like it enough and you can't collect everything (at least not on my budget).  I will be pursuing the Face of the Franchise insert set though.

Overall: C+
A nice "throwback" set, but overall kind of average.  The best thing about this blaster is the cards on the side of the box.  They really bring back memories of my ten year old self asking the local store clerks if they had any empty card boxes that I could have.  But seeing the damage (before I screwed up cutting it out) to the Pedroia card also made me realize why they may have stopped.  Everything is up for grabs (including the Pedroia/Utley outer card) except the two inserts that I want to keep.  Claim away.


night owl said...

I need 5 cards to complete this set. You didn't get any of them, which is why I don't buy the discounted blasters that I see of this stuff. Even pulling a few black borders isn't worth it.

Captain Canuck said...

I need two cards to finish this off, and I don't think you got either.... however I'm doing the master set, and could use that MM1 Griffey if you'll save it for me.

I'll check on my black borders and dupes for some Rox...

unclemoe said...

I bought be of these a few days ago. Did pack # 1 really only have five cards? About half the packs in my blaster were short like that.


hiflew said...

@unclemoe I think it had to do with the thickness of the NY,NY insert. Upper Deck probably considered that card something of a hit.

Community Gum said...

I'd love to stake claim on that Kerry Wood black border. If you're willing to add that to the stack in our trade for the Car-go sparkle, I'll find something good to add to your shipment from the break.

Play at the Plate said...

I see these discounted at Wally World all the time lately and I just can't pull the trigger. That Michael Young card is the WORST card ever. Or close to it.