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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick Group Break Plug x 3

I'm sure you all have seen these plugs on several sites, but mine is the first (that I have seen) to plug all 3 of them together.

Cardboard Collections - Colbey is at it again.  This he is doing some 1994 Fleer and 1994 Score series 2 along with several bonus packs for the low price of $7 a team.  There are a few good teams remaining like the Red Sox, Tigers, and Twins.  My teams are the Rockies and the Blue Jays (Delgado RC, Olerud ProVisions...eh I took a shot).

Thorzul will Rule - Thorzul is busting a 2005 Donruss Throwback Threads hobby box and a 2008 UD Ultimate Collection hobby box.  Two teams (1 chosen, 1 random) for $20.  I think it might be full now though.  Surprisingly, the Dodgers went unbought maybe I will get them randomly and replenish my trade stock.  My teams are the Rockies and the Marlins (maybe I can trade them for prospects). 

Community Gum - Jon at Community Gum is apparently a former stockholder of Fleer, because he is busting 7!! different Fleer products ranging from 2000-2005.  One team will cost you $28 (and a couple cheaper with extra discounts available).  I got the Rockies only in this one and this one I will be okay with just base cards (not turning down hits though) because it is the weak years of my team collection.

Check them out and tell them the Quarry sent you.

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