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Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Topps Opening Day Master Set Wantlist

red = pending arrival

Base Set - COMPLETE 

Blue Parallel
5 7 20 27 75 92 124 140 168 174 190 215

Mascots - COMPLETE

Superstar Celebrations - COMPLETE

Presidential First Pitch - COMPLETE

Stadium Lights - COMPLETE

Spot the Error - COMPLETE

Opening Day Stars - COMPLETE

Ticket to Toppstown - COMPLETE

Autographs - COMPLETE


moremonkeys138 said...

I've got some of these I'll be adding to the package I'll be sending you soon.

night owl said...

You can knock 61, 68, 71, 133, 148, 180 and SC-23 off the list. Hopefully, I'll have them sent off by end of the week.

night owl said...

... and SC-5