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Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 Quarry Unlimited - #6 Baltimore Orioles Part 2

As I mentioned in the Pirates write up, I think the Orioles have arguably the worst suited color scheme of any team in this set.  Some teams like the Royals and Pirates have the team name match their color.  Others such as the Cardinals can match up with the color of the player name.  While others such as the Braves and the Dodgers (with their new scheme) at least match the position flag with their team color.  I guess you could say that the black player name sort of matches up for the O's, but I don't know why orange was not used for this team.  It seems like such an obvious choice, but I guess a color match just wasn't in the cards for Baltimore in 1977.  While you roll your eyes at my previous lame line, let's finish off the 2013 Baltimore Orioles in style.

My Top 5 Orioles Cards
1. Taylor Teagarden
2. Travis Ishikawa
3. Michael Morse
4. Chris Davis
5. Manny Machado

Despite having over 50 players, there wasn't really anything that stood out as great for the Orioles.  The Teagarden photo is nice, but for most teams it would be #4 or #5 tops.  Here it stands out as easily the best card though.  It is an interesting play at the plate card even though the runner is obviously safe.  The Ishikawa card looks like a run of the mill batting photo except for the lack of a bat.  You can catch a glimpse of the dropped bat flying behind him.  In contrast to the flying bat, with the Morse card we have the broken bat.  This one is broken at a very weird angle though.  It looks like the bat broke before his swing.  That is basically it for memorable photos.  I chose the Davis and Machado because I think they are the Orioles best players and the cards show them doing what they do best, power for Davis and defense for Machado.

Coming Monday - #7 Cincinnati Reds

Thanx for reading.

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