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Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #15 Toronto Blue Jays Part 2





My Top 5 Blue Jays Cards
1. Brett Lawrie (red)
2. Cole Gillespie (blue)
3. Melky Cabrera (yellow)
4. Dioner Navarro (green)
5. Chris Getz (blue)

The Brett Lawrie card makes perfect uses of the Jays video screen.  The big logo combined with the arms raised really make a very though provoking image.  Some people might not like the Gillespie, but I think seeing a baseball player swinging the bat in shorts is quite amusing.  It would be like a photo of a basketball player dunking in long pants.  It just shouldn't be, but it is, so I like it.  I have really taken a shine to the "catch while mingling with the fans shot" this year.  The Cabrera is not the best of those, but it is still a pretty good glimpse of the game.  The yellow-framed sunglasses on the lady in the stands really puts it over the top.  The Navarro just makes me chuckle.  When would he have time to rest on his helmet at second base?  During a replay?  Maybe he thinks there is too much time in between pitches as well.  Finally for my #5 I could have chosen several other better photos, but I went with Getz instead.  He didn't have a long career, but he retired mid season and this will no doubt be his final card.  It;s not a bad double play shot either.

Coming Monday - #16 Texas Rangers

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