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Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #11 Atlanta Braves Part 2





My Top 5 Braves Cards
1. Freddie Freeman (blue)
2. Christian Bethancourt (purple)
3. Andrelton Simmons (yellow)
4. B.J. Upton (red)
5. Craig Kimbrel (green)

The Braves have the fewest cards in this set, but they still came up with some good ones.  I don't think I have ever seen a photo taken at the angle as on the Freddie Freeman card.  It almost looks like the third base coach took the picture himself.  The Bethancourt is really nothing special other than the great mix of colors and of course the catcher's gear.  I still like it though.  I love that Simmons seems to be ducking under the white inner border on the card.  I am taking credit for a good crop on that photo.  The B.J. Upton is sort of amusing in that it epitomizes the fumbling and bumbling that has gone along with his Atlanta career.  The similarities of the Upton brothers cards is honestly just a weird coincidence, but don't they look nice together.  I would like to start a petition that every single Craig Kimbrel card from now until the end of his career must show that bent over pose.  It really is hard to think of a single pose that is more associated with a player.  Well maybe not every single one, but at least most of them.

Coming tomorrow - #12 Houston Astros

Thanx for reading.


Captain Canuck said...

nice to see my boys put to cardboard. Although half of them aren't on the club anymore....

when you start printing them, give me a call. we'll swap.

night owl said...

Probably sounds mean, but that Heyward helmet always bothered me.

hiflew said...

@night owl

I feel the same way. It's just not natural looking.

BTW, your comments don't come to my email...not even in the spam folder. Have you (or anyone else reading this) had any issues similar to this?

Nick said...

The Freeman was probably my favorite as well, but I really like that Justin Upton card. The framing of that MLB Network ad is perfect.

flywheels said...

Always liked that design for some reason.

Marcus said...

The Upton card is my favorite. Agree on the Kimbrel pose. All of my favorite Hoffman cards are of him with his high leg kick, which is awesome looking (though not as synonymous with Hoffman as Kimbrel's stance).