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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #13 Detroit Tigers Part 2





My Top 5 Tigers Cards
1. Austin Romine (yellow)
2. Eugenio Suarez (green)
3. Torii Hunter (red)
4. Austin Jackson (orange)
5. Nick Castellanos (yellow)

The Tigers are definitely in the running for most boring team set this year.  I think the lack of color alternative uniforms just really makes them run together.  While the Romine probably wouldn't make the top 5 on most teams, here it is my favorite.  The surprised look on his face as he is catching the ball is priceless.  The Suarez is a decent fielding shot that showcases an "all dirt" background.  That instantly makes a card more interesting to me.  The Hunter shows a really nice broken bat shot.  I'll bet his hand hurt for the rest of the game after that shot.  The Jackson is a pretty cool shot of a pre-catch dive.  It would have been better if the ball were visible, but it's still fairly interesting without it.  Finally, the Castellanos is only really interesting to me because it is the second of two cards with the blue rookie cup.  It's a pretty good chance that this is a preview of Castellanos' 2015 rookie cup card though.  That is exactly the type of staid, close-up image that Topps seems to favor nowadays.

Coming tomorrow - #14 Oakland Athletics

Thanx for reading.


Ryan G said...

And Buck Farmer is in there too! His second card, and first showing him as a major leaguer (Bowman Chrome showed him only as a prospect, and he isn't in Bowman Draft).

Marcus said...

Romine's a good one, and that blue rookie cup caught my eye too.