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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Quarry Unlimited - #10 Cincinnati Reds Part 2





My Top 5 Reds Cards
1. Jay Bruce (red)
2. Brayan Pena (blue)
3. Jason Bourgeois (yellow)
4. Todd Frazier (purple)
5. Mat Latos (yellow)

Until I made these two posts for the Reds, I didn't think they would have enough cards for a top 5.  While I was making them nothing really stood out, but upon further review there were actually several good cards.  The Jay Bruce is an example of an unexpected shot, a slugger on the basepaths.  A pitcher at bat and a good defender at the plate would be two more examples of this phenomenon.  Bruce is really a good baserunner, but I tend to think of his slugging before anything else.  I think Nick said it best regarding the Brayan Pena.  He really does epitomize the agony of defeat.  The Bourgeois is a fantastic mish-mash of color with the multiple ads.  I know some people don't like seeing ads on cards, but I am a fan because they usually throw a nice splash of color among the usual green and brown.  The Frazier is just a good defensive play caught on film at a nice angle.  They don't all have to be odd to be great.  Finally I chose the Latos in spite of the jersey that shamelessly panders to the Latino crowd.  That photo is from the game that I attended in person.  It's okay for some favorites to be more personal than popular occasionally.

Coming tomorrow - #11 Atlanta Braves

Thanx for reading.

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