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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Bat Around 2012-13 Rockies Off Season Wish List

I have never started one of these Blog Bat Around posts, but I think I actually had a good idea for one this time.  I absolutely love the BBAs because it brings the community together and gets us all thinking about the same specific subject at the same time.

The Question

What are the ideal moves to be made by your favorite team or teams this offseason and what would you want the Opening Day roster to look like in 2013? 

I realize it is a bit early since the playoffs aren't even over yet, but I have no interest in any of the remaining teams so let's look forward to next year.  There is a lot of work to do in Denver after the worst season in franchise history.  A lot of the problems could be solved with a winter of healing for Tulo, Helton, De La Rosa, Fowler, CarGo, and the rest.  However, there are some problems that require more than just a band-aid.


Jim Tracy resigned

Front office restructured

The team has gone downhill every year since Tracy led them to the playoffs in 2009.  I never really liked Tracy's style of management, he was always just too laid back for my tastes.  But if he had the Rockies winning, I would have been okay with him staying.  That being said, I am personally thrilled he is gone and a shake up is needed for this team.

The front office "restructuring" is pretty much a joke.  GM (since 1999) Dan O'Dowd stepped down as GM over the summer and was replaced by longtime assistant Bill Geivett, well sort of anyway.  It is more of a two-headed GM monster now.  Geivett is in charge of the day-to-day business of the major league team, while O'Dowd is in charge of the minor leagues.  Geivett also has to have O'Dowd's final approval before making acquisitions and such.  It is pretty much just a joke at the moment.


Ideal Managerial Hiring
Sandy Alomar Jr. OR Brad Ausmus  (NOT Jason Giambi)

Either of these two would be able to help Wilin Rosario defensively.  He is without a doubt the weak link of the Rockies defense and could use all the help he could get.

Hiring Giambi, which looks more and more likely, could easily be a catastrophic mistake for the franchise.  Firstly, Giambi is good buddies with Tulo and several other players and that almost never works out well in any job let alone manager/player relations.  Next, he has no experience at any level.  I have no problem letting him manage short season A or single A, but the big leagues should not be his first ever job.

Ideal trades

Rockies trade                                                    Mets trade
Dexter Fowler                                                   Ike Davis
Alex White                                                        Jonathan Niese
Jordan Pacheco                                                 Jeurys Familia
Matt Reynolds
Josh Outman

This trade would be wonderful for the Rockies.  Ike Davis could take over at first for Todd Helton letting him play the Jason Giambi role in 2013.  Niese could be a #2-3 starter next year with Familia in the battle for the 4-5 spots.  Plus it would be cool to have a team with both a Jeurys and a Jhoulys in the rotation.

Fowler would give the Mets one major league caliber outfielder, just two to go.  Matt Reynolds is someone the Mets were rumored to be interested in in the summer so I included him here.  Alex White and Josh Outman would give the Mets two live arms with good upside that just aren't working out for the Rockies.  Pacheco could move back to catcher and give the Mets something they need there.

Rockies trade                                                      Rangers trade
Michael Cuddyer                                                 Ian Kinsler
Jonathan Herrera                                                 Luke Jackson
Tyler Chatwood

This would give the Rockies instantly their most talented 2B ever.  Kinsler could slot in next to Tulo for the next few years and I would be thrilled.  Jackson would give the Rockies a high upside pitcher that is not too close to the bigs.  The Rockies are kind of clogged with starters at the AAA/5th starter level right now.

The Rangers could get a replacement right fielder for Hamilton in Cuddyer.  Herrera is an excellent utility guy that could back up at several different positions and be a competent starter in case of injury.  Chatwood is a young starter that would be a little bit of icing on the cake.  The best thing for the Rangers would be the opening for Jurickson Profar at second base.

Free Agents to Leave
Andrew Brown
Jeff Francis
Jason Giambi
Carlos Torres

Free Agents Signed
none other than minor league filler

I would love for there to be a spot for Jeff Francis, but unless there is a couple of ST injuries I just don't see it happening.  If these two trades were to happen, the Rockies shouldn't need any major free agent help.

Josh Rutledge
Matt McBride
Rafael Ortega
Tommy Field
2 of the losing starters listed below
Edgmer Escalona
Zach Putnam


Primary Lineup (8)
Catcher - Wilin Rosario
First Base - Ike Davis
Second Base - Ian Kinsler
Third Base - Chris Nelson
Shortstop - Troy Tulowitzki
Left Field - Carlos Gonzalez
Center Field - Eric Young
Right Field - Tyler Colvin

Bench (5)
Ramon Hernandez
Todd Helton  (starting Opening Day, but primarily the back up)
D.J. LeMahieu
Tim Wheeler
Charlie Blackmon

Rotation (5)
Jorge De La Rosa
Jhoulys Chacin
Jonathan Niese
2 of Juan Nicasio / Drew Pomeranz / Christian Friedrich / Jeurys Familia / Guillermo Moscoso

Bullpen (7)
Rafael Betancourt
Matt Belisle
Rex Brothers
Josh Roenicke
Adam Ottavino
Rob Scahill
1 of the losing starters (ideally Moscoso)

I would be thrilled with this team next year, but it's probably a pipe dream.  The Rockies really do need to thin the herd just a bit.  They currently have way too many possibilities which usually leads to a lot of flip-flopping throughout the season which usually leads to a lot of losses.  As bad as 2012 was, this team really isn't that far away from contention, especially if they can stay healthy.

Thanx for reading.


Unknown said...

As my two favoriteRockies I couldnt think of trading Fowler and Parcheco...I think trading Cuddier and Ramon Hernadez to free up some money for some pitching. Go ROX

hiflew said...

I like Pacheco too, but he really just doen't fit in with what the Rockies currently have. Nelson fits better at third and is better defensively.

Fowler is the Rockies best trade chip this year. The only way we are any type of useful pitching is to trade Dex. I hate the idea too, but you have to give good players to get good players.

NO free agent pitcher of any worth is coming to Denver unless all other options are lost, so trading is about the only way.