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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Quick Thought Experiment + a Nice L'il Tease

I will go ahead and say this now.  I have not watched one second of baseball since the Division Series ended with 3 of the 4 teams I was rooting for on the losing end.  Only the Cardinals kept it from being a complete bust, but I wasn't really rooting for the Cards as much as against the Nats.  Needless to say, baseball has not been much fun this month for me.  I have been able to update my complete Rockies checklists in this time though, I only have 4 years to go.

Now, I am hoping the Giants finish out the Series in 4 or 5 games just so they can't win in San Francisco again.  I just want the World Series to be over.  It pains me to say that because I have always considered myself a baseball fan more than a Rockies fan (or any other team for that matter).  Now though, I think I have stepped over the line and become more a Rockies fan and less a baseball fan.  It just kind of snuck up on me, but I think it is established now. 

Let me preface this next discussion with the statement that I have no intention of quitting on my Rockies, although 2012 was really rough.  This is just more of a thought experiment than anything.

The biggest problem with this situation is what happens when the Rockies just keep making horrible decisions that I don't agree with.  I am not a bandwagon fan by any means.  I was born a Kentucky Wildcats fan (and stayed through probation and Billy Gillispie) and have been a Chicago Bears fan by choice since 1985 (and boy were the 90's lean times there).  I have always liked the Rockies, but I have only considered myself a "fan" for about 5 years.  So theoretically, if I changed allegiances it wouldn't be a major change.  However, now that I am a bigger Rockies fan than a baseball fan, if I decided to find another team to root for would I end up leaving baseball behind?  I honestly have no answer for this, but it is interesting to think about. 

Are you a bigger fan of your team or the sport in which your team plays?

Onto the tease.

When I came back from my darkness, I mentioned that I had a huge completed project that would encompass this blog for the majority of the off season.  Let's just say that I was (and still am) a huge fan of both the Topps Total and Upper Deck 40 Man sets.  Topps has not produced a set like this since 2005 and we all know what became of Upper Deck.  Therefore, I customed my own 1494 card set that I will showing off IN FULL over the next 2-3 months.  What well-known design did I use?  I'm not going to say yet, but if you have paid attention to this blog over the past year, you might be able to guess it.

I am going to start sometime this week and I hope it is something that you guys like, because it took me countless hours to finish this thing.


night owl said...

Countless hours on cards?

Count me in!

Usually I'm not sure if I'm more a fan of my team or the sport. But with postseasons like this, it's an easy choice: Go Dodgers!

Jim said...

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the Phillies in the set.

Nick said...

With baseball, I'm just as much a fan of the sport as a whole as my favorite team. While the Cubs have always been "my" team above all, I can still find pleasure in watching a game between teams I have no or little preference towards. (Like this year's World Series.)

It's not like that with football or hockey. I find it hard to watch games that don't feature the hometown Bears or Blackhawks, because I simply don't care enough to devote my attention to it. (No matter the team, I can't watch basketball.)

Also, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the results of your "project"! I've always been a huge fan of the Total/Fortyman sets.

Spankee said...

I think you missed a distinct group: Player fans. I would say I'm a bigger fan of individual players than I am of any team or the game as a whole.

Daniel Wilson said...

Looking forward to see what you've come up with!

Play at the Plate said...

I love baseball...at any level. I'm a Rangers fan going on 34 years. I can't separate the two. I do know I have watched exactly 2 innings of baseball since in the last 8 weeks. I've had my own issues to contend with.

cynicalbuddha said...

Are you doing backs too?