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Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Quarry Group Break - Let's Get This Party Started (or at least the invitations)

Hey guys.  I haven't been posting as much as I normally like, but I have been reading and commenting on other's blogs.  And of course participating in my favorite activity group breaks.  Which brings us to the reason behind this post.  It is time to get the July Quarry Group Break sign ups started.  I have chosen another eclectic group of boxes for this month's break and I hope you all enjoy the choices.  Let's take a look at what I have procured for us this month.

2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition
2006 Fleer Flair Showcase
2000 Pacific Crown Collection (I love Pacific)
1998 Skybox Dugout Axcess

Possibly some bonus packs also...I am not exactly sure what is coming with the boxes.  They will arrive Tuesday and I will have more info then.

Other bonus boxes will be available as well
If 20-24 teams sell I will include a 1994 Stadium Club Series 2 box
If 25+ teams sell I will include that box + another BTBNL

Now for an in depth look at the boxes.

2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition

14 packs / 8 cards per pack

Key Rookies: Adam Lind, Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, Josh Hamilton (not a true rookie, but close), Phil Hughes, Hunter Pence, Tim Lincecum + many others

2 autos per box

Redemptions are expired over the 12 month grace period so hopefully those don't show up.

2006 Fleer Flair Showcase

18 packs / 5 cards per pack

Key rookies: Prince Fielder, Jon Papelbon, Justin Verlander, Ryan Zimmerman, Dice-K, Francisco Liriano

2 game used or auto per box...1 insert or SP per pack

2000 Pacific Crown Collection

36 packs / 10 cards per pack

Pacific is all about the inserts

2 Parallel Sets - Holographic Purple #'d to 199 and Platinum Blue #'d to 67.

Latinos of the Major Leagues - 2:37 - 36 card set featuring prominent Latino players in a beautiful horizontal design.  Parallel version #'d to 99 also possible.

Moment of Truth - 1:37 - 30 card set with an interesting shadowing of the player photo on the front.  1 per box and all the big names from 2000 are here.

Timber 2000 - 1:73 - 20 card set that is 1 per 2 boxes, so it's a I hope we get one situation.  It is a good looking insert with the big time sluggers of the age.  Hard to describe, but it does look good.

In the Cage - 1:145 - 20 card set that is 1 per 4 boxes.  I really hope we get one of these, because this is my 2nd favorite Pacific insert ever after the ornaments. 

1998 Skybox Dugout Axcess

36 packs / 12 cards per pack

This one I am going to do a little bit different.

I already have the box in hand and we will get a lot of doubles from this box since it is a 200 card set and there are 360 cards per box (plus 72 Double Headers in a 20 card set).  The way this box will work is the first card will go to the team that you choose.  All subsequent cards will be put together in set form and randomized among all purchased teams (not including myself) and someone will get a nearly complete set.  2nd place will get the next biggest set and so on.  I figured that would be better than everyone getting 2-3 cards of the same player.

I got a good deal on these boxes so I am keeping the opening price at $12 per team or $22 for 2.  The Rockies are out of play as usual, but all other teams are up for grabs this time around.  If there are any questions please feel free to ask as I have probably not explained it perfectly (especially the Axcess part).

*EDIT* - sorry I forgot to put the paypal address in this time.  It is cardsfromthequarry@yahoo.com.  Please use the gift option.  Mail payments will also be accepted, but contact me first.

Yankees - BABenny (pd)
Red Sox - Dawgbones (pd)
Orioles - Ryan G. (pd)
Blue Jays  - Dan (pd)
Rays - Hits and Misses (pd)

Indians - Jason (pd)
Royals - Hits and Misses (pd)
Twins - Dawgbones (pd)
Tigers - Darren (pd)
White Sox - Darren (pd)

Athletics - Hits and Misses (pd)
Rangers - Play at the Plate (pd)
Angels - Hits and Misses (pd)
Mariners - rolliesmustache (pd)

Braves - jaybarkerfan (pd)
Mets - BABenny (pd)
Phillies - capewood (pd)
Nationals/Expos - Hits and Misses (pd)
Marlins - Ross (pd)

Reds - Jason (pd)
Astros - Dimwit (pd)
Cardinals -  IkesCards (pd)
Brewers - Ryan G (pd)
Cubs - Justin (pd)
Pirates - Justin (pd)

Rockies - hiflew (host)
Dodgers - Hits and Misses (pd)
Giants - IkesCards (pd)
Padres - Ryan G. (pd)
Diamondbacks - Dawgbones (pd)


PS - Sorry for the lack of pics, but I don't have the boxes in hand to scan yet.  It'll be nice and pretty once we start the break.


IkesCards said...

We'll take the Cardinals.

IkesCards said...

And the Giants... payment coming today.

Wes Moore the former JBF said...

Count me for Braves!

Play at the Plate said...

Rangers please.

BA Benny said...

Mets and Yankees please. Payment coming

capewood said...

Phillies, of course. Payment shortly.

Jason said...

Indians please. Sending payment later tonight

Ryan G said...

I'm going to go in on the Brewers, O's, and Padres. Payment pending!

Jason said...

Getting ready to send paypal, I'd like the Reds too. Thanks

flywheels said...

While you know I'd love to join in my finances are a little tight at the moment so I'm afraid I'll have to sit this one out. Good luck though!

Wes Moore the former JBF said...

Hi Flew- Please email me at lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com at your convenience

Cheap Card Collecting said...

giants are taken and i've spent too much for now, but to all those involved, love the 2007 SP Rookie Edition.