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Friday, July 15, 2011

July Quarry Group Break - Blue Light Special Time...Big Teams still Available (Red Sox, Dodgers, Cubs + more)

Hey guys...turnout has been kind of slow which is sort of understandable since everyone seem to have Ginter-fever this month.  I am not totally immune as I am expecting my Gint-a-Cuffs box from Community Gum any day now (they still have some boxes available).  That being said, I am still surprised that a few teams haven't been claimed yet.  Well here's your chance to get one of the usual big suspects at a discounted price.  In order to come to a fair discount I will separate the teams into 3 groups based on the average finish in both of my other groups (it'll make sense shortly).

Basically I sorted the teams by my usual statistical finish and averaged the two months.  The top 10 went into the first group etc.  Again, prior months are no guarantee of future finish, but it's a start until I have several more breaks to have a bigger sample size.

Oh and BTW, I have opened all the boxes so far and we got ZERO expired redemptions.  Every hit that is supposed to be there is there.  Plus, maybe one more AND I guarantee that (at least) two of the teams below will get a hit.

Group 1 $10 / $8 as a 2nd team
Astros - CLAIMED
Dodgers - CLAIMED
Mariners - CLAIMED

Group 2 $8 / $6 as a 2nd team
Pirates - CLAIMED
Blue Jays- CLAIMED
Marlins - CLAIMED
Diamondbacks - CLAIMED

Group 3 $6 / no extra discount
Rays/Devil Rays - CLAIMED
Nationals/Expos - CLAIMED
Tigers - CLAIMED

I wouldn't mind seeing some new faces (well names) come aboard even if you don't have your own blog.  Plus, it makes me feel good that non-blogging people actually read my crap which still shocks me daily.

Payments can be made through the Paypal gift option to cardsfromthequarry@yahoo.com or other arrangements can be made through my main email in my profile (I don't check the blog email often so any questions are best left in comments or emailed to the address in my profile).

Thanks in advance and CLAIM AWAY!


Potch said...

Put me down also for the Tigers please. I'm considering one other team but I'll probably hold with the two. Full payment will come tonight. Thanks.

Dawgbones said...

Let us try the Sawx and Twins. payment later this morning or this evening...

Ross said...

Guess I'll take a stab with the Marlins. Payment headed your way

Anonymous said...

I'll take The Mariners


Hits and Misses said...

I'll take the Dodgers, Rays, and Nationals/Expos - $22 for those teams? Do I just send the Paypal - my e-mail is BenandChristy@msn.com Thanks!

Dan said...

I;ll take the Blue Jays