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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gint-a-Cuffs #2 Packs #10-14 FIRST HIT

Yesterday's (well it was supposed to be yesterday anyway) fifth took me out of the running for the victory more than likely, but I am still plugging along with a fairly strong set of packs here.


Total from first two days - 76 pts

Pack 10:                                             
159      Shawn Michaels (0 pts)
35        Adam Dunn (0 pts)
58        Alcides Escobar (0 pts)
269      Derrek Lee (0 pts)
bhs2     Jay Bruce Highlight Sketches (+2 pts FP list, +3 pts HS insert) +5 pts total

328      Chris Johnson SP (+2 pts SP)

pp5      The Hare Portraits in Penultimacy (+3 PP mini)

ff10     USS Monitor Floating Fortresses (+2 FF insert)

Pack total - 12 pts
Running total - 88 pts
I just don’t like the Highlight Sketches cards.  I am sure they have their fans, but when the base card is basically a sketch…what is the point of a sketch insert?  The Shawn Michaels card is pretty cool and, for me, the best non-baseball card I have pulled SO FAR.
Pack 11:                                             
225      Jack LaLanne (0 pts)
6          Micky Ward (0 pts)
77        Rafael Furcal  (0 pts)
26        Edwin Jackson (0 pts)
71        Chris Perez (0 pts)
304      Madison Bumgarner SP (+2 pts SP)

wmf7   The Man in the Iron Mask World's Most Mysterious Figures (+3 pts WMF mini)

ff1       HMS Victory Floating Fortresses (+2 FF insert)

Pack total - 7 pts
Running total - 95 pts
Did anyone see the DiCaprio version of The Man in the Iron Mask?  Anyone?  The Victory is, of course, from the famed Battle of Trafalgar which ultimately led to the defeat of Napoleon a couple of years later.  I know a little about the battle, but naval battles is not my milieu in history.
Pack 12:                                             
197              Jay Bruce (+2 pts FP list)

153              Scott Cousins (0 pts)
57                Derek Jeter (-1 pt DAMN Yankee)

4                  Jhoulys Chacin (+1 pt Rockies)

AGR-JLO   Jed Lowrie Framed Relic

235              Cole Hamels Mini (+2 pts FP list)

hh30          Dexter Fowler Hometown Heroes (+1 pt Rockies,+1 pt HH insert) +2 pts total

Pack total - 16 pts
Running total - 111 pts
There is a lot going on here in this pack.  Every card except one (DAMN you Scott Cousins) was involved in a score of some sort.  Obviously, the best two for me are the two Rockies.  Which bring the total score up to Rockies 7 Yankees 3…I love that.  Jed Lowrie is not exactly on my collecting list.  From other boxes I have seen, specifically Spankee’s, this entire set consists of a whole lot of Red Sox relics.
Pack 13:                                             
263      Mark Trumbo (0 pts)
201      Andrew Romine (0 pts)
25        Nelson Cruz (0 pts)
127      James Loney (0 pts)
163      Ian Kennedy (0 pts)
316      Manny Ramirez SP (+2 pts SP)

261      Carlos Pena Mini A&G Back (+2 pts AG back)

mmf37  John Deere Minds the Made the Future (+2 pts MMF insert)

Pack total - 6 pts
Running total - 117 pts
Are we sure Manny is a short print?  This is the second appearance for him in my box after the black border mini (Yes Zakwin this one is yours if you want it).  Coming from an old farming community, the John Deere is kind of cool.  You cannot walk down the street in this town without seeing several John Deere caps at any given time.  However, I think they named this set wrong.  These are the minds that made the PRESENT.  The mind that will make the future are not famous yet and I don't think some of these accomplishments will have as much of an impact in the future as in the past and present.  That being said , they were ALL brilliant for their time.

Pack 14:                                             
34        Pedro Ciriaco (0 pts)
242      Cheryl Burke  (0 pts)
261      Carlos Pena (0 pts)
90        Roy Halladay (0 pts)
192      Carl Pavano (0 pts)
332      Luke Hochevar SP (+2 pts SP)

103      Andres Torres             Mini A&G Back (+2 pts AG back)

HH38  Andre Ethier Hometown Heroes (+1 pt HH insert)

Pack total - 5 pts
Running total - 122 pts
A “meh” pack ends the day here.  Two of my scoring cards involve a Dodger and a Giant, so I am not exactly thrilled with this pack.  Eric, if you need the Hochevar…let me know.  <Sarcasm mode on> This pack also ends my lifelong dream of having a card of a non-athlete from Dancing with the Stars.  <Sarcasm mode off>   I think it is cards like this that is the main reason I never gravitated toward A&G in the past. 

Not a bad fifth here with a total of 46 points and STILL two hits to go including tomorrow’s which I am hoping will pay for a second box (if both parties agree).

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Eric L said...

I'd definitely take a base Hoch. Also, I'm away from the computer for one weekend and Baldo gets traded? What gives.