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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday PWE Trade Bait #14

Good Sunday evening guys and gals.  It's been kind of a dull week here at the Quarry.  After being so busy for the past 3 months or so, we had a very uneventful week.  Consequently, I used the time to catch up on sleep.  It's not fun or interesting to write about, but I sure needed it.  People often make fun of you for taking naps if you are older than 5 and younger than 70, but I don't care.  I'll just come out and say it, I LOVE NAPS!  Mid afternoon naps on a hot day, snuggling under the blanket on a chilly morning, sitting in my recliner on a winter evening with a throw blanket and a dog lying on me.  I love naps of all kinds.  And I am at the point where I don't care what anyone think about that.  
Catching naps is one of my favorite hobbies simply because I don't sleep well at night.  It's a new thing for me because I used to sleep like a log.  But now that I am diabetic, I find that while I am tired throughout the day, I tend to have trouble sleeping for more than 3 hours at a time.  It's been an adjustment, but I pretty much have to get used to it.  I have never been one to shrink away from a challenge, even though the dogs are making that challenge a bit harder, so bring it on Mr. Sandman.

But for now let's shift to my other hobby, trading cards.  This week I actually made an error with one of the cards.  The Cubs card this week is unnumbered.  It is a Bowman Draft Chrome Refractor from 2017 and I forgot those were unnumbered until after I had already scanned and started writing this post.  Rather than re-scan and go through the trouble of maintaining my obsession with serial-only cards here, I have decided to let it go.  Hopefully that decision won't keep me up tonight.  

Let's trade.

As always, I will trade for Rockies, Topps rookie cup cards, 86 Topps homages, the few remaining 2011 Topps Opening Day blues that I need for my master set, 2005 Topps Rookie Cup rainbows that I need, 2020 Donruss rainbows that I need, or the various insert sets I am currently putting together.  The links are working for 6 of those 7, and the other will be done shortly, but for now you can simply ask if I need it.

If you just simply don't have anything I need, don't worry about it.  We can still trade.  I will happily accept serial numbered cards from teams I am in short supply of at the moment.  All I ask is that you include an extra 1 or 2 just to take care of the stamp I will need to trade them later.  

 These are current teams I am comparatively low on trade stuff.

Detroit, LA Angels, Houston, Cleveland, Milwaukee

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Claim away.

2014 Panini/Donruss Press Proof Gold Colby Rasmus /99 - 2008 Upper Deck/Piece of History Franchise History Daisuke Matsuzaka /699 - 2003 Topps/Traded Gold Eli Whiteside /2003

2009 Topps/Unique Red James Shields /1199 - 2011 Panini/Playoff Contenders Draft Ticket Playoff Anderson Feliz /99 - 2019 Topps Gold Joe Jimenez /2019

2008 Topps/Moments & Milestones Manny Ramirez #118-100 /150 - 2020 Topps/Update Gold Mike Montgomery /2020 - 2016 Panini/Elite Extra Edition Mitchell Kranson /999

2017 Topps/Fire Green Paul Konerko /199 - 2019 Topps Gold Trevor Cahill /2019 - 2008 Upper Deck/Heroes Emerald Michael Young /499

2020 Panini/Donruss Stat Line Milestone Alex Bregman /500 - 2003 Topps/Chrome Gold Refractors Ben Davis /449 - 2018 Bowman/Prospects Chrome Purple Shimmer Refractors Sheldon Neuse /655

2020 Panini/Select Prizms Blue Mike Soroka /149 - 2009 Topps/Update Gold Anderson Hernandez /2009 - 2014 Topps/Update Gold David Buchanan /2014

2017 Topps Gold Asdrubal Cabrera /2017 - 2016 Bowman/Prospects Purple Stone Garrett /250 - 2020 Panini/Donruss Stat Line Career Matt Carpenter /500

2014 Panini/Prizm PDP Prizms Powder Blue Jordan Luplow /199 - 2008 Topps Gold Matt Belisle /2008 - 2006 Upper Deck/Special FX Green Matt Wise /99

2017 Bowman/Draft Chrome Refractors Brendon Little unnumbered - 2009 Topps Gold Emmanuel Burriss /2009 - 2008 Upper Deck/Spectrum Orange Chris Young /399

2020 Panini/Donruss One Hundred Cody Bellinger DK /100 - 2020 Panini/Donruss Stat Line Milestone Madison Bumgarner /650 - 2009 Bowman/Draft WBC Prospects Blue Elmer Dessens /399

2002 Topps/Traded Gold Javier Colina /2002 - 2015 Panini/Elite Extra Edition Aspirations Mike Nikorak /200 - 2014 Topps Gold Josh Rutledge /2014

Cards with new homes.



As always, place a claim on any card that you'd like in the comments section or you can email me directly at hiflew AT yahoo DOT com and we can talk trade.


Thanx for reading.


gcrl said...

I'm in for bellinger, bumgarner, and Rutledge pls and thanks.

Nick said...

Could I please claim the Konerko & Ben Davis? I collect both those dudes, even though one's obviously a LOT more accomplished than the other.