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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday PWE Trade Bait #10

Hey guys, I am back after a week lay off with a new edition of Sunday PWE Trade Bait.  I hope you all didn't think I was running out of serial numbered trade stuff, because I am nowhere close to that happening yet.  As of right now, I have enough cards for every team to cover 6 more weeks, and most teams I have quite a bit more than that.  And that is if I just stop getting cards, which is not happening.  In fact, counting this week I have removed 330 cards from my unposted trade box since I began this series and the box is just as full as when I started.  Which means I this particular trade series will be going on for a while.

For those of you curious about my puppies, I successfully "rehomed" three of the six today.  I am keeping two, so just one to go after day one.  Man, I wish cards were that easy to move.  One was set up several weeks ago, a second was a relative of hers that wanted one too, the third was just me carrying the two remaining ones on a neighborhood walk and a neighbor taking one.  I'm going to miss them a lot because they have basically been my entire life for the past 5 weeks, but I hope they will make other people very happy for the next decade plus.  

Enough about trading dogs, let's talk trading cards instead.

As always, I will trade for Rockies, Topps rookie cup cards, 86 Topps homages, the few remaining 2011 Topps Opening Day blues that I need for my master set, 2005 Topps Rookie Cup rainbows that I need, 2020 Donruss rainbows that I need, or the various insert sets I am currently putting together.  The links are working for 6 of those 7, and the other will be done shortly, but for now you can simply ask if I need it.

If you just simply don't have anything I need, don't worry about it.  We can still trade.  I will happily accept serial numbered cards from teams I am in short supply of at the moment.  All I ask is that you include an extra 1 or 2 just to take care of the stamp I will need to trade them later.  

 These are current teams I am comparatively low on trade stuff.

Detroit, Washington/Montreal, LA Angels, Texas, Houston

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Claim away.

2013 Bowman Blue Brandon Morrow /500 - 2017 Panini/Chronicles Gold Matt Holliday /999 - 2017 Topps/Heritage Chrome Mark Trumbo /999

2020 Bowman/Platinum Top Prospects Purple Greg Jones /250 - 2016 Panini/Elite Extra Edition Kyle Funkhouser /999

2001 Donruss 2000 Retro Chad Durbin /2000 - 2020 Topps Gold Cleveland Indians /2020 - 2011 Bowman Blue Jake Peavy /500

2020 Topps/Fire Green Jose Berrios /199 - 2011 Bowman/Prospects Blue Johermyn Chavez /500

2014 Topps/Update Gold Tyler Skaggs /2014 - 2016 Panini/Donruss Optic Prizms Orange Jose Altuve DK /199 - 2018 Bowman/Prospects Chrome Purple Refractor James Kaprielian /250

2005 Topps/Rookie Cup Orange Preston Wilson /399 - 2007 Upper Deck/Future Stars Two for the Bigs Kory Casto / Jesus Flores /999 - 2003 Fleer/Authentix Ticket to the Majors Chris Waters /1850

2016 Topps Gold David Wright /2016 - 2003 Donruss/Timeless Treasures Jim Thome /900 - 2014 Topps/Gypsy Queen Framed Blue Brandon Phillips /499

2020 Panini/Donruss On Fire Marcell Ozuna /75 - 2014 Panini/Prizm PDP Prizms Red Mitch Keller /100 - 2015 Topps/Heritage Chrome Refractor Ryan Braun /566

2011 Panini/Playoff Contenders Draft Ticket Crystal Collection Zeke DeVoss /299 - 2015 Panini/Cooperstown Blue Randy Johnson /25 - 2020 Topps/Fire Orange Chris Paddack /299

2016 Panini/Elite Extra Edition Hunter Cole /999 - 2020 Panini/Donruss American Pride Alec Burleson (with Joey Gallo) /999

1999 Bowman/Bowman's Best Future Foundations Mach 1 Derrick Gibson /3000 - 2010 Topps/National Chicle Chrome Todd Helton /999 - 2006 Topps Gold Garrett Atkins /2006

Cards with new homes.

2019 Topps Gold Eduardo Nunez /2019 - 2011 Topps/Chrome Purple Refractor Josh Hamilton /499 - 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Purple Eric Gagne /1799 -


As always, place a claim on any card that you'd like in the comments section or you can email me directly at hiflew AT yahoo DOT com and we can talk trade.


Thanx for reading.


gcrl said...

I'll sign up for the eduardo nunez and Eric gagne cards please and thanks.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

I'm in on the Altuve DK orange and the base Authentix Chris Waters (Braves)

Matt said...

I like that Derrick Gibson. You know me and my 90s stuff!

Nick said...

I'll bite on the 2011 Chrome Josh Hamilton refractor. Much thanks!