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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Chain Mail: Charter Rules and Official Sign Up



Good evening folks.  A few weeks back, I asked for some feedback regarding a new idea I had.  Well the idea was new to me anyway.  I got several positive responses regarding participation and even the responses that didn't want to participate had some good thoughts about the idea.  So I have decided to give it a try.  Of course in order to try a new game, you really need some rules to play by.  The first half of this post will be to set things up.  Sure it might be a little dry, but it's better to have everyone know what is up before anything begins.  


In case you forgot or just didn't feel like clicking the link above, what I am talking about is a box of cards which follows a group of 6 willing participants much like a chain letter.  Each participant will go through the box(es) of cards and take what they want.  Whatever they take, they replace with similar cards.  Then the box is shipped to the next person on the list and he/she does the same thing until it all comes back to the original sender, in this case me.


The box will be a medium flat rate Priority Mail box.  Inside I will have 3 400 count boxes with somewhat specific limits and 2 200 count boxes filled with delicious randomness.  

1 400 count box will be baseball from 2011 - present

1 400 count box will be baseball from 1995 - present

1 400 count box will be baseball from 1957 - present

1 200 count box will be miscellaneous baseball

1 200 count box will be anything and everything non-baseball, could be football, basketball, hockey, soccer, MMA, wrestling, non sport.  Basically any cards that aren't baseball.  Let's get crazy with this one folks.

If you want to include cards that are not standard sized, such as pre-1957 Topps or 1989 Bowman put them in top loaders somewhere in the box.  But I figured the boxes would be best kept as standard size.  Any mini cards you want to include, put them in penny sleeves first and then put them in the regular boxes. 

I figure that setup can give us the greatest mix where everyone can get some stuff they want.  And we can hopefully avoid stuff like someone taking everything and filling the boxes with a bunch of 1988 Donruss.

I will also include 6 plastic boxes, each labeled with the name of a participant and their specific collection(s).  When the box arrives to you, you may take all the cards from the box with your name.  When you refill the box, you may add any cards you specifically want to go to a specific person to the plastic box.  

I did this in order to equalize the order a bit.  Being 2nd on the list gives you 1st pick at everything, but it also means you get specific cards from one person.  Being 6th on the list means you get a lot of leftovers, but you should have a full plastic case of specific cards for you.  And being the original sender, you get what you get, but you'd also get specific cards from everyone else.  

The final inclusion will be an envelope for each participant.  Inside the envelope will be a prepaid mailing label already addressed and return addressed.  Each person will remove the label that was on the box when they received it and will put the label from envelope in its place.  

I figured if everyone paid shipping before we started, it would make sure everyone was invested in the completion of the project.  It would also give the entire group all of the tracking numbers beforehand to eliminate any real possibility of less than honorable practices.  Not that I think anyone from this community would do that, but you never really know.  Better safe than sorry.

When you get the box, don't dawdle but don't be in a big hurry either.  Take a few days and really enjoy looking through the cards.  I figure a week is plenty of time, so we should probably try and limit it a week after you get the box before you need to mail it again.


As I mentioned, this project will require six people.  I will be one of the six and will be Participant #1 meaning the box will start with me and I will fill the boxes myself.  What we now need is Participants #2, #3, #4, #5, & #6.  I will give a reserved spot to anyone that wanted in with the first feedback post.  Tentatively we have four spots claimed already.  Those four people are not obligated to play, but they do have a spot reserved unless they say otherwise.  The cost will be $15.  For that 15 bucks, you will get the opportunity to look through 1600 cards at a minimum. Even if you only keep 10%, you are basically paying a dime a card and can be much cheaper if you keep more.  


1. hiflew - CONFIRMED

2. jeremya1um - CONFIRMED

3. gcrl - CONFIRMED

4. The Diamond King - CONFIRMED

5. (Matt G)


After we get all six spots filled, I will randomize the names on random.org.  I will randomize the list as many times as necessary.  The first time that hiflew is in position #1 on the randomization will be the exact mailing order since I am going to be starting the mailing regardless.  

Keep in mind, I am just making this up as I go.  I have no precedent to guide the way, so I may have forgotten something.  If there are any points that I did not cover, please ask.  If there are any questions at all, please ask.

If you want to play, let me know.

Thanx for reading.


The Diamond King said...

Sounds fun, I am in!

gcrl said...

looks like you've thought this through - i am in!

the previous iteration i was part of was undone by not sharing tracking numbers, so i appreciate your ideas about shipping!

Jeremya1um said...

Sounds like a plan. I’m in.

Bo said...

I would rather take care of the shipping myself, so will pass unless I can do that. Thanks though.

CaptKirk42 said...

I was part of something like this on the TCC (Trading Card Central) card forum some years back. There were several "chain" boxes that went around about 2 maybe 3 successful round trips. A couple of the chain attempts failed because they hit the snag of allowing memorabilia to be included which hiked up the shipping costs.

I am a little confused about how all the tracking numbers can be included from the start?

hiflew said...

@CaptKirk42 - I am going to purchase all of the shipping labels from Paypal before I ship the box the first time. Then I will include an envelope to each participant including the specific mailing label for them to use. Since the order of shipment will be pre-determined, I'll know exactly which label to include to each person. Each of those labels will have different tracking numbers on them and I will either email them to the participants or post them on the blog before I mail the box the first time. That way everyone can follow the box around the country.

Josh D. said...

Looks like you still need one more for this? I would join in. Let me know. Thanks.