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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sunday PWE Trade Bait #9

Greetings all.  Well the baseball season is underway and the first Rockies/Dodgers series has been noteworthy to say the least.  From Bellinger's fly out that turned into a 2 run home run that turned into a 1 run single and an out due to bad base running to the random appearance of the "Rally Cat" in center field at Coors, it's been a fun series to watch.  And the Rockies have been competitive, so it gives me hope that this season won't be the massive waste of time that all the pundits seem to believe.  

Who knows, maybe by August the Rockies will be in the race, Trevor Story will be signed to an extension, and the starting rotation will be fully healthy and ready for a serious September pennant race.  Or August will come and the Rockies will be 30 games out, Trevor Story will be sent to a contender for some 18 year old kid that will not see the majors until 2026 if ever, and there will be more Rockies starters on the IL than on the field.  I am usually an pessimist, but I just have a good feeling right now that this season could be salvageable.

But let's talk card trades for now.

As always, I will trade for Rockies, Topps rookie cup cards, 86 Topps homages, the few remaining 2011 Topps Opening Day blues that I need for my master set, 2005 Topps Rookie Cup rainbows that I need, 2020 Donruss rainbows that I need, or the various insert sets I am currently putting together.  The links are working for 6 of those 7, and the other will be done shortly, but for now you can simply ask if I need it.

If you just simply don't have anything I need, don't worry about it.  We can still trade.  I will happily accept serial numbered cards from teams I am in short supply of at the moment.  All I ask is that you include an extra 1 or 2 just to take care of the stamp I will need to trade them later.  

 These are current teams I am comparatively low on trade stuff.

St. Louis, San Francisco, LA Angels, Toronto, Pittsburgh

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Claim away.

2000 Pacific Omega SP Rookies Paxton Crawford / Sang-Hoon Lee /999 - 2013 Topps/Gypsy Queen Framed Blue Josh Johnson /499


2018 Bowman/Prospects Chrome Purple Shimmer Refractors Albert Abreu /655 - 2016 Panini/Elite Extra Edition Nolan Jones /999


2020 Topps/Fire Orange Eddie Rosario /299 - 2008 Upper Deck Gold Nick Swisher /99

2005 Bowman/Bowman's Best Blue Brandon Moorhead /499 - 2015 Panini/Elite Extra Edition Status Blue Andrew Faulkner /100

2020 Panini/Donruss Now Playing Yordan Alvarez /999 - 2016 Panini/Donruss Optic Prizms Blue Albert Pujols DK /149 - 2016 Bowman/Chrome AFL Fall Stars Blue Refractors Renato Nunez /150

2003 Upper Deck/MVP MVP Celebration Chipper Jones /1999 - 2018 Bowman/Prospects Sky Blue Justin Dunn /499


2000 Pacific/Omega Gold Derrek Lee /120 - 2020 Topps/Gypsy Queen Indigo Nick Williams /250 - 2005 Upper Deck/Pros & Prospects Brandon Claussen /999

2015 Panini/Donruss Stat Line Career Francisco Rodriguez /348 - 2004 Donruss/Leather & Lumber Leather in Leather Jack Wilson /2499

2017 Bowman Silver Jake Lamb /499 - 2019 Topps Vintage Stock Ian Kinsler /99


2020 Bowman/Platinum Top Prospects Purple Will Wilson /250 - 2011 Panini/Limited Match Ups Josh Hamilton / Jose Bautista /199

2011 Topps Gold Colorado Rockies /2011 - 2006 Topps/Chrome Black Refractors Aaron Cook /549



Cards with new homes.

2016 Topps Gold Jonathan Schoop /2016 - 2015 Topps/Update Gold Joey Butler /2015 - 2016 Topps/Gold Label Class 1 Red Bo Jackson /100 - 2018 Topps/Update Gold John Hicks /2018 - 2015 Topps/Heritage Chrome Jordan Zimmermann /999 - 2018 Topps Instant Impact Black Billy Williams /299 - 2003 SP/Authentic J.D.Drew /2500 - 2019 Panini/Donruss 150th Anniversary Dennis Santana /150 - 1997 Pinnacle/Totally Certified Platinum Red Eric Young /3999 -


As always, place a claim on any card that you'd like in the comments section or you can email me directly at hiflew AT yahoo DOT com and we can talk trade.


Thanx for reading.



Jon said...

I'd really like to try and work something out for that Bo Jackson.

Matt said...

The Eric Young caught my eye!! Love that late 90s stuff! I have plenty of rockies. Maybe we can expand this to a 6 card trade which is my limit to mail in a pwe

Nick said...

Mind putting the Billy Williams & Jordan Zimmerman aside for me? I've got some cards packaged and ready to go in the mail for ya tomorrow!

gcrl said...

what the heck. i'll sign up for dennis santana and jd drew. i'll plan to mail cards out this week unless you have something special planned for dodger card next sunday!