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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TuBalGo Tuesdays #4

Last week on TuBalGo Tuesdays, I discussed Carlos Gonzalez since he was the Rockies lone representative in tonight's All Star Game.  This week, I am going to talk about the other player on the All Star Team that has donned the Colorado purple over the years, Padres pitcher Huston Street.  Over the winter as I was discussing the multiple Rockies trades during the Hot Stove League, the trade that puzzled me most was the Huston Street trade.  It was a complete salary dump and has so far proven to be one of GM Dan O'Dowd's worst moves of the offseason and that is saying something considering Jeremy Guthrie and Guillermo Moscoso are also on that list.  I am trying my best to not make this a diatribe on the ineptitude of Rockies management, so let's go ahead and take a look at one of the best closers in Rockies history.


Huston Street
Total Cards Owned = 29

 2009 Topps 206 #247

Huston Street was acquired along with Carlos Gonzalez and Greg Smith in the Holliday theft of 2008 from Oakland.  Immediately he took over the closer job from Brian Fuentes who had departed via free agency to the Angels.  This card makes fantastic use of the alternate purple jersey.  The yellow background against the jersey makes for a great looking painted card even if it is a tad boring.

Card grade - B+

 2009 Topps Heritage Chrome #CHR155 Serial Numbered 1644/1960

All was not perfect in 2009 for Street.  He lost the closer job to Manny Corpas after two weeks in a move that seemed at the time to be too quick.  Following three weeks of poor Corpas performances, Street regained his position and held on tight.  This card is another example of me owning a parallel without owning the base card.  It is one of the better Rockies card from 2009 Heritage, not one of my favorite sets, mainly due to the letter coloring.  The yellow/white combo on blue background works though.

Card grade - A-

 2010 Topps Gold #147 Serial Numbered 0156/2010

Street proved to a key component of the Rockies fantastic run to the playoffs in 2009 blowing only two saves all season with an ERA just over 3.00.  However, in the playoffs Street did not fare so well.  He was the losing pitcher in 2 of 3 Rockies losses and he had a 13.50 ERA (albeit in a very small sample).  This landscape-oriented card from 2010 Topps is one of the better Rockies cards from that forgettable set.  This card also reminds me of the gold parallels returning in 2012 Update.  I really like them, even if some people are sick of them.

Card grade - B

 2010 Upper Deck #186

After the debacle of the 2010 playoffs, Street resumed his closing duties in the 2010 season.  It was not a bad season, but it was disappointing.  Street blew five saves over the season and his ERA went up to 3.60.  Most of the 2010 Upper Deck set was rather disappointing, but not this card.  The photo is phenomenal and has nice 70's feel to it with the random people in the background to go along with the intensity on his face.

Card grade - A+

 2011 Topps Hope Diamond #507 Serial Numbered 54/60

One scary moment during the 2010 season was when Street was hit in the stomach by a line drive during batting practice.  According to reports, he passed out several times from the pain he was experiencing and was taken off the field in an ambulance.  It turned out to be nothing serious and he only missed a few days, but it was still a chilling moment.  This card was featured in my first (and so far only) Taste the Rainbow posting.  A nice emotion showing card.

Card grade - B

 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Code Card #104

The 2011 season would be very up and down for Street (and the Rockies).  In the first half of the season, Street had 26 saves and a 3.29 ERA which was in line with his career with the Rockies.  However, the second half was full of injury, ineffectiveness, and finally losing the closer job to Rafael Betancourt.  This card is one of the code parallels that was finally solved after 9 months of me not caring.  It's a decent card, but as with most A&G cards, I could take it or leave it.

Card grade - C

2011 Topps Heritage #435

After losing his closer job and being paid too much to be a set up guy, Street was mentioned in many trade rumors of the 2011 offseason.  Of all the rumors, th least appealing was the one that actually happened.  Street was sent to the Padres for former #1 pick in 2007 Nick Schmidt.  Schmidt had a pretty good year in AA earning a promotion to Colorado Springs, but after getting promoted to AAA he has been getting lit up quite a bit.  There's still hope, but so far San Diego got an All Star and Colorado got a AAA pitcher that may eventually be something.  This card is one of my favorites from my favorite Heritage set.  I like the red-orange background, it really sets off the uniform well.

With the trade deadline looming and the Rockies appearing to be sellers, which players (if any) will become All Stars for their new teams?  Only time will tell.

Thanx for reading.

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