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Monday, January 16, 2012

Seth Smith traded to A's for two pitchers...Rockies Now Have Enough Starting Pitchers for a Spinoff Team (Coming Next Season CSI: Vegas Rockies)

Today the Rockies traded outfielder (and the bane of existence to all lispers) Seth Smith to the Oakland Athletics for right handed pitcher Guillermo Moscoso and southpaw Josh Outman (who at least has a good name for a pitcher).  Smith had been complete surplus after the Rockies signed Michael Cuddyer earlier this offseason and had been involved in many, many trade rumors. 

MY THOUGHTS:  How many freaking starting pitchers does one team need?  Are we going with an 8 man rotation?  I get that Smith was completely extra and needed to be moved, but if you are going to trade him get some legit prospects instead of two major league ready guys.  We now have 13 starters on the 40 man roster with only 3-4 of them not proven in the majors, but probably ready.  I have no idea what the Rockies are trying to accomplish.  I am just dumbfounded, because we don't have a proven 2nd baseman and just traded our best trade chip for stuff we already had.  Perhaps another trade is in the offing, but today it makes ABSOLUTELY no sense.

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SpastikMooss said...

You guys won't be thirsting for the playoffs...

with all those pitchers

*CSI Miami scream as Caruso puts on his glasses*