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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rock Stars - Closer Results

I have finally figured out a full schedule for the remainder of the Rock Star team.  There's just 5 weeks to go and the multiple picks are coming up after next week.

01/29/12 Left Handed Reliever (choose 1)
02/05/12 Right Handed Reliever (choose 3)
02/12/12 Outfielder (choose 3)
02/19/12 Starting Rotation (choose 5)
02/26/12 Manager (choose 1)

Should be a fun few weeks, but let's check out the results of the closer for the Rock Star team.

Your votes:
Huston Street - 7 votes = 5 points
Brian Fuentes - 6 votes = 4 points
Darren Holmes - 2 votes = 3 points
Jerry DiPoto - 1 vote = 2 points
Bruce Ruffin - 0 votes = 0.5 points
Jose Jimenez - 0 votes = 0.5 points

Brian Fuentes - 8.8 WAR = 5 points
Bruce Ruffin - 5.7 WAR = 4 points
Jerry DiPoto - 4.7 WAR = 3 points
Jose Jimenez - 4.2 WAR = 2 points
Darren Holmes - 3.8 WAR = 1 point
Huston Street - 3.4 WAR = 0 points

My Vote
Huston Street = 5 points
Jose Jimenez = 4 points
Brian Fuentes = 3 points
Bruce Ruffin = 2 points
Jerry DiPoto = 1 point
Darren Holmes = 0 points

Total Score
Brian Fuentes = 12 points
Huston Street = 10 points
Jose Jimenez = 6.5 points
Bruce Ruffin = 6.5 points
Jerry DiPoto = 6 points
Darren Holmes = 4 points

The Rock Star closer is Brian Fuentes

Okay, that one was fun even if it proves how much I dislike WAR as an accurate measurement of ability.  There is no way Huston Street was the 6th best closer in Rockies history.  I could accept 2nd or even 3rd, but 6th is very telling and more so of the statistic than the pitcher.  I also was not the biggest Brian Fuentes fan, well I didn't like how he left even though I understood it.  However, this was how I set up the parameters for making the team so I will honor it and we will have our "Bush v. Gore" moment with Brian Fuentes as the winning closer.  That being said, Fuentes was probably the best closer in team history, just not as likable.  I was a little surprised at the lack of love for Jose Jimenez, although it is understandable because at times I forget about him too even though he was a darn good closer for his four years in Denver.  Jimenez (and to an extent Fuentes) is the rare breed of pitcher that had a much better career at Coors than away from it.  But for now let's celebrate Brian Fuentes as the Rock Star closer in the closest competition yet.

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SpastikMooss said...

Yeah Fuentes!

I think Street's WAR is more a reflection of the modern day closer than the WAR stat's iffiness. Fuentes had a lot of ERAs under 3, whereas Street has never had one. Fuentes also generally had more strikeouts and innings pitched. Street's last few years have mostly been quick little one inning deals, which are nice for the 9th inning, but mean less than the longer saves that Fuentes would sometimes contribute.

Especially telling is that Street has 138 games finished in 170 career games, good for 81% of his appearances coming at the end of games. Fuentes was 243/428 in the same stat, good for 57%. So he contributed a lot more beyond the 9th inning, which WAR looks kindly on since innings 1-8 are pretty important too!