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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rockies trade "Evan Longoria" to the Rangers for the (soon to be former) Manager's Son

Sorry Brian, didn't mean to get you all excited.  The Rockies today traded the guy they decided was better than Evan Longoria to the Rangers for minor leaguer Chad Tracy.  That name will look familiar to a lot of you, but it is not the old Diamondback that is currently plying his trade in Japan.  This Chad Tracy is the son of Rockies manager Jim Tracy.  I actually mentioned the younger Tracy when I was writing up my Quarry Cards posts back in November. 

MY THOUGHTS:  Good riddance!  It's nothing personal toward Mr. Reynolds, who is probably a nice enough guy, but the Rockies spent their highest draft pick ever (#2 overall) on this guy.  Both Evan Longoria and Rockies fans were convinced he would be the pick, but at the last minute the Rockies decided to not draft a third baseman because they decided Ian Stewart was third baseman of the future.  Then, instead of drafting Clayton Kershaw or Tim Lincecum, the Rockies picked Greg Reynolds from Stanford who contributed a career 7.47 ERA in the big leagues. 

I think the Rockies would be better off if the draft was abolished, because Reynolds was not even their biggest 1st round blunder, that would be Matt Harrington.  Here is a great article about Harrington that I could never hope to top.

As far as Tracy goes, he led the minors in RBIs in 2011 and plays first base where for the Rockies, Todd Helton is the youngster of the two guys in the majors.  Needless to say, there will probably be an opening in the near future and there is very little in the minors at first.  He's worth a flyer.  I really hope this doesn't mean Jim Tracy stays past this season.

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