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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rock Stars - Second Base Results

Before moving on to arguably the most competitive position, let's take a look at who was the winner at second base.

Your votes
Eric Young - 7 votes = 5 points
Todd Walker - 4 votes = 4 points
Kazuo Matsui - 1 vote = 3 points
Mike Lansing - 0 votes = 1 point
Aaron Miles - 0 votes = 1 point
Jamey Carroll - 0 votes = 1 point

Eric Young - 9.5 WAR = 5 points
Jamey Carroll - 5.1 WAR = 3.5 points
Kazuo Matsui - 5.1 WAR = 3.5 points
Todd Walker - 1.9 WAR = 2 points
Aaron Miles - 0.2 WAR = 1 point
Mike Lansing - (-0.7 WAR) = 0 points

My vote
Eric Young = 5 points
Jamey Carroll = 4 points
Todd Walker = 3 points
Aaron Miles = 2 points
Kazuo Matsui = 1 point
Mike Lansing = 0 points

Total Score
Eric Young = 15 points (unanimous selection)
Todd Walker = 9 points
Jamey Carroll = 8.5 points
Kazuo Matsui = 7.5 points
Aaron Miles = 4 points
Mike Lansing = 1 point

The Rock Star second baseman is Eric Young.

Good timing for an Eric Young victory since he is on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first (and probably only) time this year.  I almost had to pick Jamey Carroll as my #1 for his defense, but in the end Young had to be the choice.  Somewhat ironically the man that came in last, Mike Lansing, also started the most Opening Days at second with 3.  On a related note, shouldn't Mike Lansing's (and 90% of the rest of the Mitchell Report) PED usage prove that they don't really help with overall baseball performance?   But that is for another day, for today is celebrating Eric Young.  It is arguable whether EY or Iannetta will be the weak link of the group, and I won't get into that because they have such different skill sets that comparisons would be useless.  However I will say what I have always said, second base has ALWAYS been the Rockies weak spot and 2012 is not looking any different.


night owl said...

Good gosh, Todd Walker's only been retired for four years and I had already completely forgotten about him until this post.

Anonymous said...

I like how you're doing this - with the 3 different ways to get points and then total them up. It's a good way to differentiate when you've got a close call.