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Friday, January 20, 2012

Rockies trade Kevin Slowey to the Indians...I Hope He Has His ID Card Updated for Cleveland

The Rockies today traded Kevin Slowey to the Cleveland Indians for prospect reliever Zach Putnam.  Slowey was acquired earlier this offseason for a marginal prospect and never wore the Colorado uniform. 

MY THOUGHTS:  I am very happy with this move because Slowey is due to make $3 million this year and that money can now be put toward acquiring a second baseman (Marco Scutaro is the current rumor).  This move also thins the herd for the 5th starter and will potentially allow Jamie Moyer to make the team now.  Another reason I like this trade is that I have actually heard of Zach Putnam.  I couldn't pick him out of a line up, but I remember the name.  I really hope Slowey does not get a Rockies card this year in one of the early sets, simply because he never played in even Spring Training.

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Dennis said...

Dude, Zach Putnam! From Michigan! We may have a player we collect in common now. Can't say I'm thrilled for Zach's outlook as a pitcher at Coors, but that's still pretty cool.