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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Huston Street Traded to the Padres for the Right Not to Pay Him in 2012...Way to Treat Your Fans Colorado

Another day, another trade for the Rockies.  Huston Street was acquired in the Holliday theft of Oakland along with Carlos Gonzalez in the offseason of 2008.  He pitched really well in 2009 for Colorado even getting some MVP consideration (well 2 votes anyway).  He was injured and/or less effective in 2010 and 2011 eventually ceding the closer role to Rafael Betancourt.  The Rockies traded him within the division to the Padres for either a PTBNL to be named Friday to avoid the Rox having to protect him in the Rule 5 Draft. or an unnamed minor leaguer (no one is saying)My best hope is second baseman Cory Spangenberg, the Padres 1st rounder last year.  This is probably just a pipe dream, but could explain the PTBNL aspect.

MY THOUGHTS:  UGH!  On Tuesday the big rumor was Street for Edinson Volquez which I would have loved.  All of a sudden, all he is worth in a trade is a salary dump?  This is ridiculous, Street was (along with Seth Smith) the biggest trade piece that the Rockies had and this was the best they could get for him AND to trade him in division.  This sickens me and makes me want to see Dan O'Dowd (Rockies GM that I used to like) gone.  I would have even been okay with picking up Orlando Hudson's bad contract in return simply because he could, at least, fill the second base need.

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Anonymous said...

Man - I'd never heard the Volquez thing. As a Reds fan, even thouh Volquez has not inspired confidence he can live up to his potential or get back to where he was his all-star year, I'm glad that didn't happen - as I'd rather keep him!