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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rock Stars by Position - Overview

With the stain on the game still fresh from yesterday's revelation about the "N.L. MVP," part of me didn't want to write about baseball today.  However, I decided today would actually be the perfect day to begin a new Quarry feature that will take us through the offseason and possibly beyond.  Every Sunday I will have a post dedicated to the best Rockies for each position in their history.  Sure there won't be as many choices as older teams like the Reds, Yankees and others, but you can't really compare stats of an outfielder in 1899 to an outfielder in 1999 (no matter what WAR says) because the game and training technology were so different. 

How am I going to judge?  I am going to take a play from the NFL and have a triumvirate of voting.  1/3 of the vote will be decided by WAR, no matter whether I like the stat or not it's not going away.  1/3 will be decided by my judgment because well it's my blog.  The final 1/3 will be decided by you the readers in a poll.  I figured once a week should give everyone that wants to vote time to vote.  The winner of the "balloting" will be joining the All-Rock Star Team.

I will begin next week with the choices for catcher.

What do you guys think?  Will this a good way to pass the time before the season starts?


Stealing Home said...

bring it on, brother

SpastikMooss said...


night owl said...

I have a feeling there will be a lot of my former fantasy league players on this team.

Dhoff said...

Love this idea. But, sheesh, I can't think of a remarkable Rockies catcher. Brent Mayne? Yikes. Should be interesting.