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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rockies acquire Kevin Slowey...Will Attempt to Build an Ace from 10 Different Fifth Starters

The Rockies acquired starting pitcher Kevin Slowey for a PTBNL.  At last report, Slowey was still looking around Target Field for his first 2011 victory.  He finished the year 0-8 with a 6.67 ERA.  Those numbers will surely improve in the vast pitcher's park known as Coors Field.  I will set the over/under on Slowey's ERA in 2012 at my phone number if he stays in Denver. 

MY THOUGHTS:  Well as you can tell I am not overly enamored with this trade especially if the PTBNL is someone that could be useful.  I don't know what is going on with the Rockies and picking up everyone else's garbage, but I could be surprised.  Slowey was a pretty good starter from 2008-2010 with double digit victories each year and a more passable ERA.  This is a buy low situation, but I think the Twins may have non-tendered him and we could have gotten him for free.


Jason said...

Great headline, that made me laugh. I know just how you feel. Sadly, one of the highlights for the Indians this offseason was Mitch Talbot going to Korea, which made one less 5th starter, but they picked up Derek Lowe, for whom the best thing that can be said is he's 'durable'.

Anonymous said...

Twins fans are thrilled by this trade, either. Slowey was well liked.

Good luck trying to get a lot of innings out of him, though.

(...Joe) said...

Now you know how it feels to be a Mets fan :^)