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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Final Rock Star Team (unless I do another one in 5 years)

Hey guys.  I have been swamped the past couple of days, so I am a day late with this finale to the offseason Rock Star team.  Nothing major just a lot of running around (and a near miss on I-75 thanks to an idiot driver).  But enough about that, let's go ahead and finish off the greatest Rockies of all time.  I will also be including some bench players (1 C, 1 CI, 1 MI, 2 OFs).  Mainly I am including a bench to get Galarraga and Bichette a spot on the team, but this is the NL so you need a strong bench as well.

I have already written extensively on the team, so let's just look at pictures.






I hope you guys have enjoyed this trip into Rockies history.  It really has helped make the offseason go by much quicker.  Now I just have to find something else to write on Sundays.  I think I may bring back an old favorite from the past to fill up your Sunday void.  (Yes I know it's Monday, but this was supposed to be done yesterday.)


SpastikMooss said...

That Ellis Burks card is SICK!

Johngy said...

Enjoyed it all, especially getting Bichette on the team!atchar mordea

Anonymous said...

Cool to see. For only being around 20 years - they do have a pretty impressive group of position players!