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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rock Stars - Shortstop Results

Tomorrow is going to be a really big post as we sort through the outfield for the Rock Star team.  Before that let's go ahead and finish out the infield with the results from shortstop.

Your votes
Troy Tulowitzki - 13 votes = 4 points
Clint Barmes - 3 votes = 3 points
Walt Weiss - 0 votes = 1 point
Neifi Perez - 0 votes = 1 point
Juan Uribe - 0 votes = 1 point

Troy Tulowitzki - 23.7 WAR = 4 points
Clint Barmes - 7.6 WAR = 3 points
Walt Weiss - 4.3 WAR = 2 points
Juan Uribe - 2.3 WAR = 1 point
Neifi Perez - 1.1 WAR = 0 points

My Vote
Troy Tulowitzki = 4 points
Walt Weiss = 3 points
Clint Barmes = 2 points
Neifi Perez = 1 point
Juan Uribe = 0 points

Total Score
Troy Tulowitzki = 12 points (unanimous selection)
Clint Barmes = 8 points
Walt Weiss = 6 points
Neifi Perez = 2 points
Juan Uribe = 2 points

The Rock Star shortstop is Troy Tulowitzki

Shocking, I know.  Troy Tulowitzki is still relatively young and probably hasn't even peaked yet.  Good days are ahead assuming there are no major health issues.  As of now, I fully expect Tulo to become a Hall of Famer especially since Barry Larkin just got elected and I consider Tulo at least as good as Larkin with the potential to become much better.  I know a couple of bloggers that are probably foaming at the mouth at that last comment, but I am not saying Larkin was not a great shortstop or a Hall of Famer.  I just think Tulo can be a step above him in the long run.  As far as depth in the minors, the Rockies have a couple of top shortstops prospects (Josh Rutledge, Trevor Story) that really need to learn how to play 2nd base very well if they want to play in Denver, but I suspect one if not both will eventually be traded for help elsewhere.  This completes the Rock Star infield with four unanimous selections.  I'm not sure whether that is a good thing, because while it means there was one overall best player, it also means that there was pretty much only one choice for most positions.

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Potch said...

I love Barry Larkin and quietly collect him, but I agree with you that Tulowitzki has the potential to be better in the long run.