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Monday, January 2, 2012

Huckster Hiflew Brings Some Plugs...ALL FOR YOU!

Hey friends, it's your old pal Huckster Hiflew ready to give you the opportunity to join in some rather fun card community events.

Let's start with our old friend Sam over at the Daily Dimwit.  He is running a group break and busting 3 recent boxes with hits galore.  One slot will get you two teams, including one of your choice.  How much would you pay for this thrill?  $100? $200? $1,000?  Well, you don't have to because Sam is practically giving the cards away all for the low price of $13.  Now that's a deal.  Click here to join in the fun.

Next up we move to our friend Colbey from Cardboard Collections who is back with another group break.  Colbey is busting three boxes from the late 90s has a couple of spots left.  Colbey is also offering a great deal of 2 teams for one low, low price.  Colbey must be crazy, because he has priced these slots to sell at $9 for 2 teams, one of your choice.  Now, ole Huckster Hiflew knows a good deal when he sees it and joined up himself.  Click here to join Colbey's break.

Now, our old buddy Ryan from This Card is Cool is holding a going away contest before he travels to the Far East.  Now, it seems that Ryan never learned that you are supposed to receive gifts when you are going away instead of giving them.  His generosity (or lack of education regarding the rules of the going away party) can now be your windfall.  He will have seven different winners so join in the fun by clicking here and wishing Ryan a safe journey.

Finally, in case you missed it that wonderful man Johnny from Cards from the Quarry is deciding on the all time Rock Star team.  If you haven't voted for the second baseman read up here and cast your vote.

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