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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to the Hot Stove...Rockies Sign Pitcher Older than the Actual Rockies

In a rumored move for the last couple of days the Rockies signed free agent 49 year old pitcher Jamie Moyer to a minor league deal pending his passing a physical.  Moyer missed last season due to injury.

MY THOUGHTS:  Believe it or not, I love this move.  There are starters in the Rockies training camp that were not yet born when the above card was printed, so Moyer should be able to pass along some knowledge.  Even the elder statesman of the Rockies starter candidates (Jason Hammel) is 20! years younger than Moyer, so I think everyone involved can benefit from this move.  Moyer is not likely to make the team, but his experience could help transform the mishmash currently in Denver.  If he does make the rotation, this could be one of the greatest comebacks in the history of baseball.

BONUS TRIVIA:  Now that the Seth Smith has been traded as of earlier this week, the great Rockies trivia of having both Manning brother's backup quarterbacks on the roster is over.  Here is the NEW great Rockies trivia.  Aside from Andres Galarraga, Jamie Moyer was born before than the entire 1993 Rockies Opening Day lineup (and we were the OLD expansion team compared to the baby Marlins).  Have fun with that one.


Wes Moore the former JBF said...

I would absolutely love to see him make the squad.

deal said...

it is a good sign - low risk - some reward possible. can work out of the bullpen if needed. I think Moyer can also help mantor a young LHP. He was a disaster some nights but there were times when he would give an inexperienced llineup fits (especially the Marlins)

Dawgbones said...

I love it!! I said year before last that I wanted to see him come back. He's the 2nd TTM success I've had and just an all around great person. I hope he makes the team, it'll be exciting to see him give them youngins a run for their money!!

night owl said...

Selfish reason: if he makes the team, there is once again someone in the majors older than me.

Kev said...

i love the title of your post!