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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #24 Boston Red Sox Part 2

I think Boston has a few years coming that will see them at or near the bottom of their division.  They have had a great run thus far in the 21st century, but I think it might be over.  I could be wrong, and I usually am, but Boston just seems to be at the end of this winning cycle.  Are there any other teams that you think might be in for a few years of losing?   While you think about that obvious answer, take a look at the second half of the 2012 Boston Red Sox.

My Top 5 Red Sox Cards
1. Jose Iglesias
2. Nick Punto
3. Jon Lester
4. Brent Lillibridge
5. Pedro Beato

Despite having the most cards, the Red Sox didn't have too many great photos.  That being said, the Iglesias is a great timing double play shot.  It's almost like he is resting atop the Angels player.  I like the Nick Punto card just for its sheer awkwardness.  That does not look like a major league player sliding into home.  With the Jon Lester card, what is better than a pitcher bunting?  An AL pitcher bunting, what is better than that?  An AL pitcher missing a bunt badly.  The Lillibridge has the look of a real 1986 Topps card, so it has to be top 5.  Finally, the Beato gives a nice angled shot of the mound during a pitch.  Just a good photo.

The Red Sox brings us the 9th man to appear in 1986 Topps and the 2nd that was also a manager back then, Bobby Valentine.  After the disaster that was 2012, this was probably Bobby Valentine's final season as a big league manager.  Despite that, we can still enjoy his side-by side and marvel at how little the man has aged in 27 years.

That ends week #8 of the Quarry Unlimited set, I hope you guys are hanging in there.  Come back Monday for one of the most talked about teams of the 2012 season.

Thanx for reading.

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Nick said...

Love the Lester!