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Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #19 Houston Astros Part 1

I mentioned on Saturday that today we would have the team with the greatest amount of change this offseason.  While other teams have basically overhauled their entire roster, the Houston Astros are changing divisions and leagues which trumps all free agent signings.  Historically for me the Astros have sometimes played the role of a villain.  When they were in the NL West in the 80's, I divided the teams into the good guys (Braves, Reds, Padres) and the bad guys (Astros, Giants, Dodgers).  Since the Astros joined the NL Central, I have pulled back on thinking of them as a villain.  In the last few years, there are few teams that I have cared less about than Houston and the move to the American League is probably going to cause that to continue.  For the last 10 years or so, the Astros just haven't mattered.

If I were an Astros fan...

Title of the blog - Houston, We Have Many Problems

Favorite Player (current) - Travis Buck

Favorite Player (all time) - Cesar Cedeno

Least Favorite Player (current) - Francisco Cordero

Least Favorite Player (all time) - Mike Scott

2012 Houston Astros Total Cards = 52

The one aspect of the 2012 Houston Astros season that I did enjoy was the season long "parade of uniforms" in celebration of their 50th anniversary.  From the beginning of the season, they assigned a set amount of dates to wear each uniform from their past in chronological order for the most part.  I tried to showcase each uniform, because for better or worse they are a part of Houston's history.  Which of the Houston uniforms are your favorite and least favorite?

Thanx for reading.

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night owl said...

Well, of course, the Astros wore their rainbow unis when I was first getting interested in baseball, so those are my favorites.

But I sort of like their early '70s unis, too, with the rust-colored caps and shooting star on the jerseys.