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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #22 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Part 2

The card blogs are full of fans of nearly every team, but especially the big market teams.  My definition of the big market includes New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia.  There are other big cities, but those locations are big in every sport (excluding LA and football).  In baseball there are eight teams that call one of those cities home and all but one has a huge following in the blogosphere, the Angels.  Now don't get me wrong The Angels in Order is a fantastic blog, but the other seven teams have at least four or five card blogs each.  I have yet to figure out why the Angels don't have the following of those other teams.  Until all the name changes, I actually considered them a fairly likable team.  While we ponder, let's take a look at the finishing touches of the 2012 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

My Top 5 Angels Cards
1. Kole Calhoun
2. C.J. Wilson
3. Hank Conger
4. Zack Greinke
5. Bobby Wilson

The Kole Calhoun is not only a great over-the-shoulder diving catch, but he lines up perfectly with the letters on the outfield tarp.  A great visual enhanced by a lucky happenstance.  The C.J. Wilson card has a nice mix of colors and is a good representation of Wilson's finishing motion.  However, what makes it great to me is the A on Wilson's head and the Z (well sideways N but still works) on his foot.  His body literally goes from A to Z.  The Hank Conger pose after the swing reminds me of Taka Tanaka from the Major League series, I love that guy.  The Zack Greinke is another card that has a nice mix of colors and it serves as a nice companion to his earlier Brewers card.  The fifth was difficult to choose because nothing else really stands out to me, but I went with the head shot of the raised catcher's mask as shown by backup Bobby Wilson.  It's still pretty cool for a head shot.

The Angels also bring us the 7th person to have a card in 1986 Topps also, manager Mike Scioscia.  Of course he was playing for that other LA team back then.  Scioscia is one of the few former Dodgers that I actually like and it's only because of his other job at the nuclear power plant.  Here is his side-by-side with a pretty good card from 1986.

Of the final nine teams, including the Angels, eight of them feature a manager with a card in 1986 Topps.  I don't know how that happened, but it worked out that way.  So we will have a lot of comparisons starting tomorrow with the first of two men that was also featured as a manager in 1986.  Check out tomorrow to see who.

Thanx for reading.


Spiegel83 said...

Anaheim is a small city. That is why the Angels have a small card community. Only Arte Moreno thinks they play in a big market.

Jeff said...

As an Angel fan, I'll change one thing:

Least Favorite Player (all time): Gary Gaetti

The Trout card is awesome. I want one.