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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Quarry Unlimited - #23 Washington Nationals Part 2

Don't know what you got til it's gone.  More than just a power ballad from the 80's, that phrase also describes perfectly the feelings I have read about the Montreal Expos.  Throughout the 90's, no one gave a damn about the Expos and (1994 excluded) they were usually among the worst teams in baseball.  In fact when the idea of contraction came up, no one really complained about the Expos they focused on the Twins.  Now with the Expos 8 years in the rear view mirror (well 9 counting their year in Puerto Rico), I am noticing that people are having feelings of loss from the Expos.  I admit that I liked the Expos much more than the Nationals, mainly because Nationals is the most generic team nickname in all of professional sports.  Did the time away from Montreal change your opinion of that once forgotten franchise?  While you consider take a look at the second half of the 2012 NL East champion Washington Nationals.

My Top 5 Nationals Cards
1. Jayson Werth
2. Roger Bernardina
3. Cesar Izturis
4. Jhonatan Solano
5. Carlos Maldonado

I love goofy shots like the Jayson Werth with the glove on his head.  They really stand out in a set.  On most other teams the Roger Bernardina would have been #1 in a walk.  The apparent balancing act of the ball on the bill of the helmet is on of the better timing shots I have ever seen.  The Cesar Izturis is yet another that could have been #1 on a different team.  It a classic "play at the plate" shot that I hope never goes out of style.  The Jhonatan Solano card stands out to me for one reason.  How often do you see a catcher fielding and throwing to THIRD?  Finally I included the Carlos Maldonado because of the rare appearance of the Powerade cooler.  The orange Gatorade cooler is always seen, but the red Powerade is rare at least to me.

Tune in tomorrow when I show off the first half of the largest team set in 2012.

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night owl said...

Chad Tracy looks like he's about to miss the next 2 months of the season.

I miss the Expos because Olympic Stadium was, by far, the easiest place to get to for MLB game viewing. Now, I mostly see Triple A games.

Dennis said...

As a baseball fan living in Canada I definitely miss the Expos. I've been a Blue Jays fan since I was very young but when there wasn't a Jays game on TV, I loved watching Tim Raines, Pascual Perez, Tim Wallach & Dennis Martinez on French language television. While they weren't always great teams, they were still quite unique & entertaining.