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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Fixing my complaints

Yesterday I wrote a return post that included a lot more complaining than I would have liked.  Yes, it feels kind of normal to complain about Topps because they are honestly not doing a very good job with their product recently.  However, I decided that instead of complaining and just being negative, I would do something about it.  I would remake a Series 1 team set using only guys that made their Rockies debut in 2020.  I also decided that instead of using a stolen 2020 Donruss design like Topps did, I would use a stolen 1977 Topps design like I did in 2013.  I used the relatively simple, but much more eye appealing, design from my 2013 Quarry Unlimited set to showcase the Rockies from the truncated pandemic season.  

As an aside, was any word more overused when describing last year's season that truncated?  Until 2020, that was a word that you maybe saw 5 times in your life, but last year it felt like every hack sportswriter got the same word of the day calendar and just beat it into the ground describing the 2020 baseball season. Can you think of any other words that you feel like came out of nowhere to be used only in one relatively small situation in life?

Anyway, no one came here to talk about vocabulary, so let's take a look at the debuting Rockies of 2020 in all their purple (and red) majesty. 


Unfortunately, only one of these guys, Ryan Castellani, is in Series 1 and he had quite a few Bowman cards already.  Owings was in 2020 Update, Kinley was in 2020 Topps Total, and Doyle had some cards in Bowman Draft and Panini EEE a couple years back, but the rest of these guys have had no Rockies cards made.  I enjoy getting cards of my TEAM, not just the superstars of the team.  I ended up making these in about an hour while I had on a rerun of an 80s cop show in the background.  So why does Topps act like it is such a hassle?  I love to collect Charlie Blackmon, but as glorious as his beard is, how many cards does he need each year?  I would much rather have one of these guys instead of my 75th Blackmon or 125th Story or 50th UTROY (ubiquitous team rookie of the year).  
As an aside #2, the website where I used to get my card photos has apparently not been adding sports photos since mid 2015, so I had to just go with Google searches here.  Easily found images, but a couple of them are still pretty cool.

What do you guys think?  Would you rather stick with current superstars and rookies only pattern or see a switch to an all inclusive style?  I think based on my memory of the community here I already know the answer, but I still think it needs to be said again and again.

As a bonus, here is a 2020 Topps Update card of Kevin Pillar that I was noodling around with a few weeks back.  I'm not 100% happy with it, but it's not horrible either.  I am not a fan of the design and this is probably the only custom of the 2020 design I will ever do, but Pillar definitely looks better in purple than in the Giants garb he sports in the actual 2020 Update set.

Not a bad custom, but I would hate to do an entire team set in this design.  It is just not good.  Kind of like the bastard child of 1992 Score and 1993 Ultra.  But I hope you like it anyway.
Let me know what you think and thanx for reading.


The Diamond King said...

I like the Givens photo the best. Good job!

night owl said...

*frantically searches through past editions of the paper to see if this sportswriter used the word 'truncated' in a story in the last 6 months*

I am always for card sets that show as many relief pitchers as possible. Especially if they're not rookies.

Nick said...

I'm 100 percent in favor of the all-inclusive style - middle relievers and backup catchers rule!

Seeing Matt Kemp in a Rockies uniform will never look right to me, but at least it looks better than the couple cards he got as a Marlin in 2020 (he never even played for them!).

Fuji said...

Not even sure how I know the meaning of "truncated", since I can't imagine a single time in my life where I've used that word. I'm guessing it was in middle or high school in English though.

Jafronius said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! Always enjoyed your posts...glad you've been keeping busy and active!

Rosenort said...

Good to see you back, we are totally on the same page, pretty disappointed by no Kemp, Pillar or Bard in either update or 2021 Flagship. I am so out on Topps right now, will pick up commons of any new Rockies, but other than that I feel like my budget will be limited to pre-WFT Redskins cards.