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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Couple Days Off

Hey guys.  I have taken the past two days off, not because I am tired or lazy or burned out or anything like that.  My problem is the same as many in the country...weather.  Well, weather and the decision 30 or so years ago to combine Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday into the completely useless President's Day holiday.  

My plan is to feature a "Monday Mailbag" where I show off the cards that have arrived the previous week.  Of course, President's Day stopped mail and all I had was 1 PWE which would have made for a short post for the opening day of the Mailbag  So I figured I would have the first "Monday Mailbag" on Tuesday.  It only makes sense with my history of procrastination.  Then came the ice.

Mt town has been in virtual shutdown since Thursday.  And this is not a "you should stay home" shut down like Covid, this is a "you can't leave" shut down because your car is covered in a 6 inch ice shell and you can't get in to go anywhere.  I have been lucky that my power has been stable, but I have had friends go without power for up to 12 hours over the past few days.  12 hours doesn't seem that long, until you lose your heat and have to basically sit in a refrigerator.  Then 12 hours seems like forever.  

Anyway, the point is that the US Mail decided that they did not want to deliver mail on Tuesday either.  I guess that whole "neither rain, nor sleet, not snow, nor darkness of night" motto is just hooey.  That makes me sad.  Next thing you know, I will find out that Boy Scouts are not always prepared or that Smokey the Bear is a serial arsonist.  

So that left with no Mailbag this week and also no other post idea for Tuesday.  Since I thought I would be posting mail, I didn't prepare anything else.  I have instead been preparing checklists today.  I got my 86 homages list made and I also finally uploaded my 2005 Topps Rookie Cup rainbow want list to the site.  So I am almost fully caught up with my secondary checklists with just the 2020 Donruss rainbow list to go and I should have that ready by this weekend.

Tonight I intend on staying up very late to make sure the electric stays on.  I will spend the time getting my 2019 Rockies checklist fully vetted and possibly posted.  I think the power will stay on because no ice was added today, but that is not one of those situations that you want to be just "pretty sure" of.  

And on that closing note enjoy one of the fantastic Tracy Morgan "pretty sure" Super Bowl commercials.  I love commercials like this, as long as they don't get goofy like the Old Spice ads.  

Thanx for reading and stay safe.

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Fuji said...

Useless holiday? Lol. I look forward to it every year, because it marks a week off in February.