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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Trade Bait #06 - A Big Lot of Goodness Part 1 American League

Last week's Tuesday Trade Bait was a HUGE success, because almost everything is now in new hands.  Of course with it consisting entirely of a 2014 product, I am not really surprised because new stuff is always easy to move.  That being said, let's transition into this week's trade bait bonanza.  A couple of weeks ago I was playing around on Check Out My Cards with $25 in store credit so I decided to bundle together a lot of cards with one dealer and make a nice offer.  I ended up with about 45 new Rockies and about 50 cards that would make good trade bait.  I could have bought exclusively Rockies, but where is the fun in that?  I am going to be showing the new trade bait over the next two Tuesday Trade Bait posts.  This week will be American League teams.  If you see anything you like, feel free to claim it in the comments or through email.

2009 Topps/Update Endy Chavez - Mariners   #'d 1583/2009

2013 Topps Gold Maicer Izturis - Angels   #'d 1228/2013


2006 Upper Deck/Future Stars Purple Huston Street - Athletics   #'d 0076/1799

2006 Upper Deck/Ovation Rich Harden - Athletics   #'d 407/499

2008 Topps/Triple Threads Sepia Rich Harden - Athletics   #'d 262/525

2008 Topps/Triple Threads Sepia Bobby Jenks - White Sox   #'d 077/525

2010 Topps/National Chicle Chrome Refractors Jake Peavy - White Sox   #'d 220/499

2011 Bowman Blue Jake Peavy - White Sox   #'d 328/500

2010 Bowman/Prospects Blue Rolando Gomez - Angels   #'d 111/520

2011 Bowman/Draft Blue Trystan Magnuson - Athletics   #'d 360/499

2011 Bowman/Draft Blue Eric Thames - Blue Jays   #'d 226/499

2011 Bowman/Prospects Joel Carreno - Blue Jays   #'d 359/500

Thanx for reading.


The Bucs Stop Here said...

Hey man, I got your comment on my trade bait. Shoot me an e-mail at nsbell440@gmail.cok

Nachos Grande said...

Hey, you expressed interest in my Prehistoric cards - shoot me an email and we can work something out!

Unknown said...

Hey, I would be interested in trading with you email me at carwilecards@yahoo.com