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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Triumphant Return of Hiflew

Since I returned to blogging just in November of 2013, I had adopted the user name Cards from the Quarry.  It worked pretty well, but it also required me to switch to the Google + account which I never use.  Therefore, I am switching to my original Blogger profile along with my original Blogger user name of hiflew.  Some of you may not know me as that name, but here is my introduction. 

Hello, my name is hiflew and I collect Rockies baseball cards.

The main reason I am changing is because whenever I commented on someone's blog my email address was showing up as noreply@blogger.com.  That makes it difficult for the other person's blog to reply to my comment if they are so inclined.  I know I get annoyed when that noreply@blogger.com address shows up whenever I try to reply to someone's comment on this blog, so I am switching.

You can still call me Quarry or hiflew or Johnny or even that crazy guy with the purple fetish.  Just make sure you are offering a good trade if you use the last one.

I'll be posting the latest Rating the Rookie Cups later tonight, so make sure you check that out.

Thanx for reading.


Nachos Grande said...

I hate Google+ too...and I got rid of it only to learn that you now need a Google+ account in order to post videos to YouTube.

night owl said...

If you ever see me stop blogging, it will probably be because of Google+

Play at the Plate said...

I'm so old school, I write my blog from a Commodore 64.

Ok, it's not that bad, but I have no idea what Google+ is and I don't want to learn.

I am glad to see you back though!

Fuji said...

I have a Google +, but don't really know its purpose. Just notice all the "cool kids" had one, so I wanted one too ;-)

Need More Cardboard said...

The "cool kids" that use Google+ are self proclaimed. Kinda like the people that use Google Glass. They think they look so cool and hip. But everyone else is laughing behind their back about how silly they look. =)