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Friday, June 24, 2011

June Quarry Group Break - Bonus Bonanza "Blaster"

Hey guys it's BONUS time.  Instead of a discount blaster I decided to pick up something with a guaranteed hit for someone.  There are only 3 packs of cards and 1 hit, but I figured that was better than 5-8 packs of a random set with very little chance of a hit.  BTW, the hit we got is of a future Hall of Famer on a team he is not really known for.  Who is it?  Well let's read on.

pack one

2006 Upper Deck First Pitch
11 John Smoltz - Braves
141 Nick Swisher - Athletics
36 Mark Prior - Cubs
88 Roy Oswalt - Astros

Insert (Diamond Stars)
DS-28 Moises Alou - Giants (consolation prize)

pack two

2007 Fleer Retail
229 Clint Barmes - Rockies
264 Javier Vazquez - White Sox
204 Josh Johnson - Marlins
33 Scott Kazmir - Devil Rays
334 Vinny Rottino - Brewers
343 Doug Slaten - Diamondbacks
16 Lyle Overbay - Blue Jays
153 Rickie Weeks - Brewers (consolation prize)

Rookie Sensations
RS-JS Jeremy Sowers - Indians
Year in Review
YR-HO Ryan Howard - Phillies

pack three

2007 Topps Series One Jumbo? Pack (22 cards 1 piece of gum)...and yes I did chew it, it was surprisingly good

23 Josh Bard - Padres
166 Hank Blalock - Rangers
3 Brad Lidge - Astros
117 David Ross - Reds
305 Frank Thomas - Blue Jays
277 Philip Humber - Mets
53 Mike Piazza - Athletics
94 Willy Taveras - Rockies
314 Andruw Jones GG - Braves
129 Aramis Ramirez - Cubs
206 Ben Sheets - Brewers
4 Bengie Molina - Giants
154 Bill Hall - Brewers
257 Bob Melvin - Diamondbacks
274 Shawn Riggans - Devil Rays
151 Kendry Morales - Angels
92 Joe Crede - White Sox
102 NAMELESS 2nd BASEMAN - Dodgers
61 Jason Grilli - Tigers
67 Geoff Jenkins - Brewers
234 Team Card - Pirates
238 Team Card - Phillies

The Hit

2006 Upper Deck Amazing Greats game used PANTS!

AG-RJ Randy Johnson - Yankees (wow what a forgettable stint)

Congrats to Ryan G. for getting the hit.  Now you should really feel bad for sniping me. hehe j/k

The funny thing about this bonus blaster is the unpurchased Brewers nearly doubled their cards from 7 to 12.  The consolation prizes will be distributed below to the teams with the fewest inserts (Alou) or parallels (Weeks).

First the Alou (3 eligible Twins, Reds, Padres) randomed 3 times (only showing the 3rd)

Congrats to Rangers fan Brian who now gets a card of another team that is not his favorite.  The Alou is a good looking card though, even though the team reeks.

Second the Weeks (14 eligible teams including mine...if I win the card will go to the worst scoring  team via stats, the Reds) randomed 3 times (only showing the 3rd)

There you go, Ted.  I personally like the Fleer minis better than the base set.  The white border on cardboard stock make the main set seem to be from the overproduction era (ie cheap).  The minis are full bleed and still cheap, but they don't look cheap.

Congrats to the winners although this randomization was kind of anticlimactic following the previous cards given away.  I hope everyone enjoyed the second break here at the Quarry, especially you first timers.  I will be doing another break starting in the second week of July.  I honestly have no idea what I will be breaking then, but suggestions are always welcome and you all are invited to join up again.  Cards for this break will be going in the mail this weekend.  Until we meet for the next break, I will be returning to regularly scheduled programming.


Spiegel83 said...

Thanks for hosting another awesome group break. I look forward to the next one.

Wes Moore the former JBF said...

This was fun! I'm definitely in the next time around

Ryan G said...

Yeah, nice pull out in the end! I'm always happy to be a part of a break.