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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm back and I bring the June Quarry Group Break Announcement

Hey everybody, my posting has been practically non-existent this past week and for those of you that actually read my bullshit, I apologize.  Work and home life has been a bear and my godson graduated high school this week, so time to write wasn't around.  Although I did try to keep up with reading and commenting on everyone else's stuff.  Also I mailed out a boatload of trade and/or care packages on Monday for several different people, so be on the lookout in the next couple of days.

Now for the exciting news.  I am now starting Quarry Group Break 2: Judgment Day (Electric Boogaloo is just done to death).  Last month's break was pretty well received and I didn't lose money, so I figured why not try again.  I do LOVE busting packs.

The boxes for this month are a nice mixture of years and companies.  Here they are.

1996 Donruss Studio

24 packs/7 cards per pack

All the stars and a few who's that in the set
2 different parallel sets (Gold and Bronze Press Proofs)...(There's a silver also, but in different packs)
3 really cool insert sets
Stained Glass Stars - die cut colored clear acetate-type made to resemble a stained glass window
Hit Parade - die cut design resembling an album with the record pulled half way out (ask your parents)
Masterstrokes - embossed oil painting type card (think early Topps Gallery)

1998 Pacific Aurora

36 packs/6 cards per pack including at least 1 insert

Star-laden base set with a similar concept to 1997 Topps in that AL teams have red border and NL have green.
One "hit" per box - a cube.  It is what it says.  It is an assemble shrink wrapped cube with multiple pictures of the player.
Like most Pacific sets there are several great inserts including
Hardball Cel-Fusion - die cut celluloid baseball fused to a foiled and etched card (SCD's description)
Kings of the Major Leagues - marble-like design with major stars against a ringed background
On Deck Laser Cut - intricate die cut design , sort of similar to Topps Laser (but not exactly)
Pennant Fever - one per pack insert with several #'d parallels.  Tony Gwynn autographed each of his parallel cards serial numbered #1 (obviously a tough pull, but man would that be cool)

2004 Topps Chrome Series 1

24 packs/4 cards per pack

One on card "first year" auto and one relic guaranteed per box.

No names on the auto list, but several teams have a chance at the hit. 
Good relic checklist with most of the big stars from 2004 in the sets.
Possibility of a Hall of Famer relic #'d to 5.

Rookie cards of
Dioner Navarro
Yadier Molina
Zach Duke

Parallels include
Refractors (1:4)
Black Refractors
Gold Refractors
Red Xfractors

2004 Topps Chrome Series 2

24 packs/4 cards per pack

One on card "first year" auto and one relic guaranteed per box.

Better auto names in Series 2
Carlos Quentin
Conor Jackson
Lastings Milledge
several others

Relic is probably presidential in nature for Series 2, but baseball related...although player jerseys are still possible.  (If it is a non-specific team or player...card will randomed to all purchased teams without a hit)

Rookie cards of
Ervin Santana
Chris Shelton
Paul Maholm

Parallels include

Refractors (1:4)
Black Refractors
Gold Refractors
Red Xfractors

Cost will be $12 for the first team (except Rays and Dbacks $10).  Each additional team will be $10.  Please send Paypal gift payment to cardsfromthequarryATyahooDOTcom as soon as you can (Other payments such as through the mail will be accepted also, but email me first).  Like last month, once my costs are offset, bonus packs and/or box(es) will be added.  The goal is not profit, but cards for everyone.  Any questions, comments, bonus box suggestions, or if you just want to call me a name comment below and good luck to everyone.

Yankees - Ryan G (pd)
Red Sox - Ryan G (pd)
Orioles - Ryan H (pd)
Blue Jays  - Ted (pd)
Rays -

Indians - Jason (pd)
Royals -
Twins - Play at the Plate (pending)
Tigers -
White Sox - Darren (pd)

Athletics - jaybarkerfan (pd)
Rangers - Ross (pd)
Angels -
Mariners - Colbey (pending)

Braves - Colbey (pd)
Mets - Joe (pd)
Phillies -  Capewood (pending)
Nationals/Expos -
Marlins -

Reds - jaybarkerfan (pd)
Astros -
Cardinals -  Ike's Cards (pd)
Brewers -
Cubs - Jon (pd)
Pirates -

Rockies - hiflew (host)
Dodgers - Spiegel (pd)
Giants -
Padres - Jon (pd)
Diamondbacks - Justin (pending)



Ryan G said...

Put me in on the Red Sox and Yankees. Gotta do something fun this time around.

(...Joe) said...

I'll take the Mets!

flywheels said...

I may claim another team towards the end if you don't mind...

Ryan H said...

I'll take the O's. Payment coming!

Potch said...

Sign me up for the White Sox, please. Payment tonight - need to hit the commuter train home.

Community Gum said...

If -dw backs out on White Sox, let me know. Otherwise, I'll take Cubs and Padres! Don't worry about the time off. I took a lot longer, and I think I need to win the audience back.

Jason said...

I'll take the Indians. Paypal arriving later today.

IkesCards said...

We'll take the Cardinals!

Ross said...

If this is open to outsiders (me), I'll take the Rangers.

hiflew said...

No one is an outsider here at the Quarry. You are more than welcome to them. Just make sure you leave your address in the Paypal payment.

Play at the Plate said...

I'll take the Twins.