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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Colorado Rockies in 2014 Topps + A Few Predictions

I have finally finished putting up my 2014 Mountains to Climb checklists, so hopefully I can get a few trades started with them.  Now I can get back to somewhat normal and what better way than to show off the latest Rockies team set.  I know some of you are probably getting sick of 2014 Topps already, but I held off on this post because I wanted everyone to have a chance to see the cards in person before online.  I want to show all 12 Rockies cards from Series 1 along with my predictions/deductive reasoning for the Rockies that should be showing up in both Series 2 and Update.  Let's take a look.


Troy Tulowitzki
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 14
Topps rookie card - 2007 Topps #135


Jhoulys Chacin
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 6
Topps rookie card - 2009 Topps/Update #UH66

Juan Nicasio
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 5
Topps rookie card - 2011 Topps/Update #US203

Rex Brothers
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 3
Topps rookie card - 2011 Topps/Update #US24


 Nolan Arenado
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 2
Topps rookie card - 2013 Topps/Update #US259

 Chad Bettis
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 1
Topps rookie card - 2014 Topps #290

 Charlie Blackmon
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 2
Topps rookie card - 2011 Topps/Update #US231


 Rafael Betancourt
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 4
Topps rookie card - 2012 Topps #444

 Jonathan Herrera
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 3
Topps rookie card - 2008 Topps/Update #UH291


I'll do Cuddyer's stats in my Series 2 breakdown with his base card.


 Todd Helton
Total number of Topps flagship cards - 37
Topps rookie card - 1996 Topps #13

The first thing I want to say is kudos to Topps for giving Todd Helton (and Mariano Rivera for that matter) a couple of farewell cards.  I was not expecting one, let alone two.  I could really get behind the practice of giving a retiring player a card matching their uniform number as with Helton's #17 and River's #42.  It makes a lot more sense than "retiring" a card number, but still having the same number of cards.  A 330 card set numbered to 331 is just asinine.

Now that I patted Topps on the back, let's get critical.  Aside from the Helton checklist, this has to be one of the most boring team sets I have seen since the 89 Bowman Orioles (look em up).  Every card is a mid-level close up and, although they show different stances, all look very similar.  Even the Nicasio with it's landscape orientation is just a boring close up.  2014 Topps has some very good photos, but they aren't showing up with my team.  

I shouldn't complain because last year my team had a grand total of 6 cards in 2013 Topps Series One.  At least the equality is there with regards to volume.  Perhaps Series 2 or Update will even the field with regards to photography as well.  Speaking of the final two series in 2014 Topps, I will now make my selections for the Rockies that SHOULD appear in Series 2 and Update.


Series 2 Possibilities

1. Carlos Gonzalez
2. Michael Cuddyer
3. Jorge de la Rosa
4. Tyler Chatwood
5. Wilin Rosario
6. either DJ LeMahieu or Josh Rutledge

7. Brett Anderson
8. LaTroy Hawkins
9. Justin Morneau
10. Jordan Lyles

11. Corey Dickerson

The first six will definitely have cards in Series 2 with #6 being whomever wins the second base job between Rutledge and LeMahieu.  The new Rockies that are virtual locks for inclusion are Morneau and Anderson.  Hawkins and Lyles should make it if they become the closer and 5th starter respectively out of Spring Training.  Otherwise they will probably be held out for Update.  I believe Dickerson is the only rookie that falls into the new Topps timeframe for Series 2 although Charlie Culberson could be included as well.

Update Possibilities

1. Drew Stubbs
2. Brandon Barnes
3. Boone Logan

4. Franklin Morales
5. Adam Ottavino
6. either DJ LeMahieu or Josh Rutledge
7. Jordan Pacheco

8. Charlie Culberson
9. Tyler Matzek or Kent Matthes

The first three were included in Series 1 withe their former teams, so it'll either be Update or nothing for them.  Franklin Morales might get included in Series 2 if he wins the 5th starter job, but I don't think he will.  Charlie Culberson is currently the only Rockies player on the 40 man roster that has played a game with the franchise that does not have a Rockies card.  Hopefully that gets fixed in either Series 2 or Update.  Finally Matzek and Matthes are my picks for an early season call up.  It would not really surprise me to see no rookies this season until September though, barring injury of course.

Thanx for reading.


Marcus said...

GREAT post. If you can get a Padres fan to read a Rockies-exclusive post all the way down to the end, you know you did something right. I had an idea to do something like this, but it wouldn't have been this good.

Oh, and yeah, there's been some really cool photos this year, but the Padres haven't gotten any either.

Rosenort said...

Nice Post, really hope we get a Culberson in series 2, maybe in Bowman like Ryan Wheeler last year. I think Dickerson has a RC in 2013 Bowman Draft so Culberson would be the only one left without a rookie card.